Contoh Desain Kop Surat Gratis Download Template 04

Desain kop surat free download template

Desain kop surat free download template

A letterhead is printed at the top of stationery or letters. It generally includes basic information about a person or business. Information may include a logo, name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, website address, or purpose of the letter. It is used to introduce the recipient to the contents of the letter and to the person who sent the letter.

Letterhead Printing Options

With letterhead printing, you will have many choices to make in regards to design, style, font sizes, colors, etc. If you are printing for personal stationery, you can choose your favorite color for text or graphics. If you are printing company information, you may want to use company colors on the stationery. A letterhead is most commonly used for business letters. In this case, the design should be clean and simple so the information will be easy to read. To keep the stationery professional in appearance, most businesses should not use too many colors in the design. Of course, if the stationery is representing a colorful business, such as a toy company, multi-colored fonts may be appropriate. If you are designing custom stationery, you may also want to design matching envelopes. Many printing services offer packages where customers can purchase sets of matching stationery and envelopes. Some printing services will allow you to order and design custom stationery online as well. This can save a lot of time because you won’t have to drive to a printing company to purchase your custom stationery.

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