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Letting Large Format Banners Be Our Guide

My friend Anna and I love getting lost. I know that sounds strange, but frequently our misadventures are as entertaining as our adventures. Our directional senses are notoriously and legendarily awful. We will walk and talk, without paying attention until we realize we have walked 6 blocks going the wrong way. Then, we will spend a few minutes spinning around in a circle, balancing on the balls of our feet, trying to read signs and veer back onto the right path. I am of dubious assistance scouting great distances since I am near sighted and cannot always read the small print of a sign a few streets away, even when I am wearing my contact lenses. Large format banners

Our collective lack of direction and my personal poor vision have inspired in us a somewhat random, but very sincere appreciation for large format banners; I am able to easily read the print on them and what they are promoting sounds more enticing than our original destination. Occasionally, we will abandon our original plans in favor of the event, activity, or restaurant we see advertised. This has lead us to see cinematic classics at independent cinema houses, eat Persian cuisine at a brand new Iranian restaurant, and attend the gallery opening of someone with whom we went to college.

Large format banners help us enhance our outings and maximize the fun we have during our frequent yet impromptu misadventures.

Retractable Banner Stands Make Transport Easy

retractable banner standsTrade shows can be loud, hot, congested, and confusing, and that is before any customers arrive to the expo! Getting your promotional material to your station can seem like quite the ordeal and you want to make sure you invest in the lightest retractable banner stands available, ideally with a heavily padded transport case included.

I have personally experienced the importance of using trade show banners and banner stands. When my brother and I were younger, my mother once took us to a film convention in which she was participating. We had a large rolling suitcase filled with supplies and my mother had a banner stand transport case thrown over her shoulder.

The trade show was an enormous success; the colorful vinyl banners attracted a lot of attention ad we had many visitors come to our booth. By the time the showcase was over, my brother had fallen asleep. The banners and stands were so easy to take down that my mom quickly packed everything away. We must have looked like a strange parade walking out of the venue, my mom carrying my brother and the banner stand case with me trailing behind her pulling the suitcase; it was an experience we will never forget.

Mega Format An Ally To Sales People

It’s really nice to be able to set up a functional display without needing to rent some gas guzzling truck. I love a good billboard and no one can say no to a large display that takes hours to set up, but as a sales person we are trying to cover ground quickly and inexpensively. This is why Mega Format with their pull up banner stands and custom banner printing are the ideal ally for a traveling sales person looking to get a display they can easily pack into their Yaris.

When I pull up at a stop on a promotional tour it is great to know that I can get set up and jump right into my pitch with any of the early birds getting there. I like to be able to sell and get attention and with the right pull up banner starting the conversation is almost as easy as if I had an elaborate, hard to assemble display. With things being how they are it is important to cast a wide net and with fuel prices about to hit their summer travel peak it is vital to do so without renting gas guzzling trucks. Thanks to these smart designs I get the best of all possibilities.

The Power Of Custom Banner Printing

This weekend was awesome. Saturday was a sunny perfect day in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park watching one of my favorite bands, Guided By Voices. After their amazing set, which came at the end of a solid line up of four bands(The Babies, Surfer Blood, and Wavves) I was starving. A few hours outside in the sun can do that to a guy. Plus I wanted something to drink, preferably an inexpensive coffee. When you buy a concert ticket you start looking for ways to make the day cheaper. Since I was in Brooklyn I knew I was looking for a slice of pizza.

I walked down Bedford Avenue and saw a pull up banner stand displaying the bold statement: “Free Slice With $4 Tap Coffee, Toppings Included!” SOLD! The large custom banner printing caught my eye from a solid three blocks away. Within those three blocks were no less than three other spots selling coffee and pizza, but with my awareness of the deal at this other place they were hardly a blip on my radar.

Needless to say a fresh Brooklyn slice and a frosty Brooklyn Lager were just what I needed. It was the perfect cap to a great day and the sun. It was also a testament to the power of custom banner printing.

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