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Digital Action with Large Format Posters

A few weeks back we talked up the power of action oriented advertising. In that post we scraped the surface of the importance of generating real results from large format posters and other forms of physical advertising. Of course finding an action that a customer is willing to take is a bigger question than the basic importance of this kind of advertising.

In an effort to make our large format printing service more valuable to customers we are considering some of the actions you might ask consumers and prospective consumers to take. One great option is building an email list. By building an email list you will get a reserve of people you can reach out to during special offers. This is a great and inexpensive way to generate return business. Similarly asking consumers to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms is a good use of your posters and other ads.

By getting customers to take action online you will be obtaining information and a way to reach out in the future. It is one of the best ways to keep customers coming back and a fantastic combination of physical ads and digital marketing through the power of action oriented advertising.

Large Format Posters to Guide Customers

When designing in-store displays and signage it is important to position things to move foot traffic towards products. For larger stores the best bet is detailed large format posters that inform consumers of exactly what they will find in each aisle. All of the biggest stores from Walgreen’s to Walmart do this with some effectiveness. Whether you are selling stationary or shoes keeping people informed and guiding them towards the products they want will ensure that no one rushes out of your store frustrated.

Creating this kind of detailed signage does not necessarily call for expert graphic designers. Instead adorn a simple solid color with your logo and keep the text of what is in a given aisle bold and direct. With the large format printing service offered by Mega Format you can simply upload these very basic graphics and receive posters large enough to direct your customers.

Not only do these informative large format posters make your customers’ lives easier, they also allow employees to get more done. Without having to guide guests through their whole shopping experience customers will feel more in control and employees can focus on customers that might need a little bit of extra assistance.