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Branding Basics for Small Business

More than ever before companies and the consumers who patronize them are keyed into the very important world of branding. Finding the right message for an advertising campaign is no longer the only concern when even a small business begins ordering advertising materials. Now businesses must consider how best to advertise a product, promotion, or service while also asking if the material in question puts forward their brand identity.

For a small business before you start ordering large format banners announcing your business you should do some soul searching. What is your company and what does it hope to be in people’s lives? While branding is hardly an exact science it is important to start out on the right foot. You might need to recalibrate in future campaigns but you want to establish the broad strokes out of the gate.

Whether you are trying to be the friendly neighborhood store or the hippest cutting edge web start up, you need to establish that from the moment a customer sees your backlit display or store signage. The best way to do this is by creating clear goals and establishing an identity that you and everyone else involved can immediately get on the same page with.

The Power of Call to Action Advertising

Enticing consumers with an image is important. You want to make your product, store, or service enticing and inviting. This is often the only cause for a backlit display or other form of attention grabbing advertising.

The best ads though offer something a little different. With the promise of a “free gift” or some other incentive for coming into a store, logging on to a website, or making a phone call you are increasing your chances of people acting on your ad exponentially. This is called a “Call to Action” and it is one of the best ways to make those precious dollars spent advertising work for you and your business.

By directing customers to actually interact with your business you are deepening the impact of the advertisement. Seeing a retractable banner stand loaded with a beautiful banner is one thing, but once you have gone to a website or done something else that brand has made its way into your mind.

If you are investing in some displays or other advertising materials try putting a call to action. You will be surprised at the long lasting impact it will have on consumer’s familiarity with what you do and what you sell.

Some Tips On Building Banners and Backlit Displays That Last

For small and mid sized businesses advertising is important but it is also a pricey digression from the day to day monetary needs of a running a company. While investing capital in items that help with branding purposes is a very worthwhile and often necessary expenditure managers should try and make items that are built to last.

To that end we are offering some tips on making your backlit displays and banners last a whole lot longer. These simple tips could leave you with an effective display or large format banner for years.

  • Keep Things Concise: This is always good advice in advertising. Be economical and direct in your wording and your message will be built to last.
  • Choose Timeless Images: People wearing the coolest clothes or using the latest technology could be dated by next month. By having more neutral models or images that are a little more timeless you will be investing in your ads reuse value.
  • Promote the Big Picture: When trying to build an advertisement that can last a while it takes on a lot more importance. Details change day to day and year to year, broad strokes last a lifetime.
  • Use the Same Look for All Ads: This kind of consistency is vital for building a brand, it also keeps graphic design time and spending down.