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07 X Banner Romadon 1442 h 3m x 1m 2021 m


Spotlight On Large Format Banners

Lana and I recently went to a band’s show I booked at a local restaurant/bar. Luckily, by virtue of being a ten minute walk from my house, I knew how to get there and we arrived without getting lost once! Custom Banner Printing

However, for anyone unfamiliar with the area, the location would have been very hard to locate if not for the large format banners announcing the venue. The establishment is located in a small town that is 15 minutes away from the nearest highway. In order to get to it, one has to travel down dark, unlit back roads, that generally go by two names, one of which is usually an homage to some animal (in a one mile radius there are street names that include the words horse, wolver, skunk, fox, sheep, and chicken). Needless to say, getting there is difficult for the uninitiated.

Fortunately, the owner invested in custom banner printing and bought ad space along the highway so he could display the banners. Anytime there is a special event at the restaurant, he advertises drink specials with a portable banner on the boardwalk. The streetlights provide spotlight for it.

Lucky, his advertising is certainly paying off; the band played to a packed house that night!

Custom Banner Printing

With today’s instant access social media, it may be surprising to some people that posters, fliers, large format banners, and the like remain among the most effective form of advertising. Since these types of promotion may displayed virtually anywhere from local coffee shops to interstate highways, the public cannot help but even subconsciously notice them.

This logic is one of the reasons why I so frequently employ custom banner printing when advertising a show being hosted by my local radio station. The channel frequently hosts gigs that feature local bands and musicians as well as big name acts. While we create Facebook event pages for the concerts, and do strategized social media outreach, we also rely on posters and banners to spread the word.

I got involved with the radio station through doing PR for a friend’s band. Through trial and error and research, I discovered that there are certain time-honored strategies for publicizing a gig. Hanging posters in the venue and local hubs attract a broad demographic. Putting up flyers, etc. in pizzerias, coffee shops, and local bars tends to target a younger audience.

Although Facebook, Myspace, and other networking sites certainly provide a broad spectrum of publicity opportunities, simple straightforward paper advertising remains a very useful means of advertising.

Affective Advertising: Pop Up Banners

Pop up bannersSeveral of my coworkers went to a midnight viewing of the newest Harry Potter movie last week; one is seeing it at an IMAX theater, which lead to a discussion about 3D movies. This debate got me thinking about pop up banners. Why are pop up banners so effective?

Pop up banners are used in trade shows, premieres, movie theaters, etc. They are a very effective and versatile form of advertising since they engage the viewer without overwhelming him. Pop up banners are either two or three dimensional. The latter, especially, may contribute to their popularity, since it makes them appear realer and more interactive.

They offer benefits that other marketing strategies lack; they are simple and easy to install in a shopping center or any public location.Pop up banners are also detachable for easy transportation. Like all large format banners they offer a practicality that other do not. Since they can be installed anywhere, they constantly present in public consciousness.

Banner size, color, and font also impact if and how the public remembers them. Legible fonts and bright, attractive colors will naturally grab people’s attention. Pop up banners and other banner advertising have stood the test of time and continue to be a very successful form of advertising.