Contoh Desain Tiket 01

Contoh Desain Tiket

Contoh Desain Tiket


Create a card set for a typeface and at least 10 individual typographic cards. This project required us to name a card set and package it. Our goal is to promote the typeface in a modern interesting way. Here, I am using the elements from airbus A380. The target audiences will be typographers, designers, and students. Concept Among all the typeface options/selections, I decided to choose a sans-serif type, which is Univers. The Univers type family has a unique (type) shape that is slightly different from the Helvetica and Folio typefaces. Since Univers was widely used in the Swissair in the twentieth century, I decided to design a flight ticket as the beginning of my card set. Every time I ride in an airplane, I always wonder what the captain looks like, and how the airplane can fly into another world.


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