Brosur Flyer Template Gratis Download Brochure Template 171383452

Desain Brosur Flyer Template Download Gratis

30 Desain Brosur Flyer Template Download Gratis.


According to the designer, This Brochure template is his second PSD sharing here in dA. Full view please.The PSD includes all customizable layers , so you can change your personal information, background, logo and so on.

The Zip file includes:
1. Slick & Cool Ready to Print Brochure.
2. Simply & Very Easy Logo Maker.
+ Tutorial How to Use it.
3. Links to resources.
+ Fully customizable layers.

Many thanks to:
Brushes: 1. Halftone brushes by env1ro
Free fonts:
1. Luco Sans
2. Museo
3. Delicious

The Zip file containing this stuff sizes almost 15 MB. Many thanks for all the favs and comments, He hope you’ll like it… 🙂


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