A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Everyone has a smart phone. And everyone is now a photographer. One of the uses I discovered for my smart phone camera is to take pictures of wine bottle labels for wines I want to buy after I’ve tried them out in a restaurant or dinner or at a wine tasting.

Premium Product Catalog Template


Another valuable use for a cataloger is to take pictures of the paper rolls the printer is using when you go for the press OK.

Why take a picture of the paper you are using?

Printers sometimes specify that you will be getting their house brand of paper. A picture of this press run’s paper lets you know if you are getting the same paper in future press runs. This is good information if you really like the paper you are printing or…or if you don’t like the paper for some reason.

Knowing the paper you are printing on allows you to look at paper options and sheets with more brightness, more opacity, etc. So you can compare paper options based on knowing the exact paper you are using.

Knowing the paper you are printing allows you to compare printing quotes. Competitive printers may say they are providing the exact same paper but even if the weight and grade of paper are the same, there are variations among paper that may be significant.

If you can’t go to the press OK, asking the printing plant to send you a photo of the paper rolls verifies that you are getting the paper specified in your catalog bid.

When you print a catalog, most of your cost is for paper. Doesn’t it make sense to know exactly what you are buying?

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