NCR Form


NCR form are a shorthand way to refer to carbonless forms used in printing. Most people recognize them as those multi-layered documents consisting of a gold layer for the customer and a pink layer for the business owner and another layer for whoever else may need one. However, what is less well known is that these forms can be customized to fit a variety of needs.

Countless companies rely on NCR forms to keep track of business transactions. From sales to contracts, they prove incredibly useful office tools and make document management a great deal easier. These forms have been around for a while, but new technology has allowed them to be more easily accessed and more widely used.

Personalized NCR Forms

These days, it is easy to take NCR forms a step further by personalizing them with your business information. Not only does this add a professional appeal, but it also serves to streamline how the transaction itself is conducted by saving you the hassle of writing down business information by hand. For anyone involved with sales or contracting, these forms are must haves.

The good news is that NCR forms are easy to get a hold of and are being offered at very competitive rates. When online ordering, it is very simple to shop around and find a printing company that offers maximum flexibility with regard to the number of layers, colors, and printing options. Further, it is easy to use the Internet to find an online printing company with rates you can afford.

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