RecordCast Helps Everyone Record Computer Screen Online for Free

I work remotely for a long time and do a lot of live broadcasting on the Internet a day, and I also do video explanations. I must record what I do on a screen in a video, so today, I brought you a great application for recording desktop screens. I record live-using video recordings, but this is difficult because some of the live broadcast platforms do not allow broadcasting to be reduced in the device. And most often, the one in charge of the live broadcast is the one who has the option to save the broadcast, as for the guests, not although I will keep it for myself.

After searching, I found a video recording tool, RecordCast screen recorder. Let’s look at this tool in the following.

What is RecordCast

ReccordCast is a free online screen recorder and video editor. It allows everyone to capture the computer screen online in a few clicks easily.   

It is a free online application that can help you record and edit high-quality videos without any need to download and install an application on your computer that enables everything to be recorded.

The registration is optional available to you. To make changes to your video later, you’d better to register an account to save your video project under your account first. However, this tool won’t save your video resource under your account. So make sure you don’t delete the video resources from your computer in case you want to make further editing later.  

Steps to record your computer screen with RecordCast

When you open the RecordCast website, you can register as a member in very easy steps. You are able to either enter your email address and enter your password or login via social sites such as Facebook or Google account. Registration is optional. If you want to save projects for making changes later, you can register one from the “Sign Up – Free” button on the top right.

Step 1. Make settings

The application provides you with three capabilities to record video or take a screencast, which is recording screen and webcam at a time or recording them separately. Want to add some commentary or review to your video? Choose webcam plus with screen at the same time.   

Then, choose a way to record video sounds. You have the options to use both Microphone and system sounds in a video, or use just microphone sounds, or just system sounds in a video. You can also disable all sounds in your video if you like. Decide whatever you think great for your situation.

The last setting you need to decide on is the recording area on your computer. It gives you three ways to make it, which are recording a complete computer screen, recording the window of a program, recording a browser tab screen. You can record all the details during a live broadcast or video call and saving the recording on your computer to create a presentation and explanations.

Step 1. Recording

After everything setting is decided, the recording is undergoing now. Here you can hide this page during your recording. You can also pause or continue your recording anytime by clicking the corresponding icons. You can even go back to re-set your settings or re-record your computer screen in case you need to. After the video recording is finished, click the Stop button to download it.

Step 3. Download or edit

If you want, you can download your recording on your computer directly. To make it more attractive, polish it using the video editor then.

With RecordCast built-in video editor, you can add titles, captions, transition effects, elements, overlays to the recorded video, and more. RecordCast, for example, in the screenshot above, offers a wide selection of transition effects from one clip scene to another. You can preview them when clicking on them.

What can you do with RecordCast?

Well, as we said, RecordCast is the software to capture what is happening on your computer screen. It allows you to choose between recording the entire screen or just a browser tab or an application window. In addition, it allows you to create screencasts with sound and narration.

Normally, this type of tool is used to create explanatory content, such as those that teach how to perform a specific task or work with software or service. They also help create video classes and online courses.

With a screen recorder, you can:

  • Teach other people to use an online site or service;
  • Create a tutorial on how to use the software, advanced program resources, etc .;
  • Record a webinar or online course on a specific topic and see it later;
  • If you are releasing a new product, you can make a demo for your product.

Features of RecordCast

  • No need to download or install new software on your computer or no add-on to your browser.
  • Easy to use.
  • There are three recording options: webcam, your screen, or both.
  • Edit your screen recording by adding text, music and more in the video manager.
  • There are no watermarks and ads.
  • You don’t need to subscribe to it or pay any fee when using it.
  • You can record a high-quality screen video and export it up to 1080p for free.


Still, looking for a way to record your computer screen to a video? Thanks to RecordCast, it is possible to accomplish this task in a few minutes. With this great practical application, students and teachers can record lessons and lectures online, and businessman can record their own online meetings, etc.

It is an excellent and easy-to-use screen recorder. The website is very light, and it doesn’t burden your system’s resources and can be used by experienced and novice users.

To be honest, I thought you should pay to use this site to record the computer screen. However, the site offers long-time recording, and all of them are free currently. If you want to record your meeting or anything else, you can try the tool now.

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