Barcode printing must be legible so scanners can accurately read the black-and-white strips, and they must be permanent so they do not wash or rub off. In an industrial setting, the printing process must also be fast, or it is not cost effective. The inkjet printers developed by manufacturers provide quality printing on many substrates at less cost than other systems.

Whether the substrate is porous or non-porous, the printing industry has the machines and special inkjet ink that affix the barcode to the required surface. One barcode printer that is notable has a resolution of 180 dpi, with 256 addressable jets. The system produces crisp images, scannable barcodes, and sharp logos and graphics.

Barcode Printing Systems

In this case, the printer bolts to the conveyor in a plant, with regular maintenance limited to a 30-second printhead purge each day. One of the best user-friendly features in this barcode printing system is a hand-held device that makes programming easy, and software that is designed for lay users, not computer specialists. Compact, easy-to-use, with high-quality print, such industrial printers place barcodes on almost any material.

Although inkjet technology itself is inexpensive, these printers cut costs for businesses even more by eliminating the need for more expensive labeling systems. Pre-printed boxes and cases are costly, and these are no longer necessary when inkjet printer technology is used. Barcode printing is an integral part of many industries, and dependable inkjet printers ensure quality and affordability.

Bar Code Labeling

Bar code labeling is ubiquitous–shampoo bottles, hand lotion containers, fly swatters, hammers, and barbecues. It may seem to many people that the labels simply consist of black strips and white spaces, and that is the literal truth. Few members of the public pay any attention to bar codes, unless an incorrect price scans and appears on the checkout display. These codes, however, are governed by stringent rules that keep the codes regulated and organized nationwide.

These codes are important to the manufacturer and to the dealer who sells the items. Originally an essential part of the grocery business, bar codes were soon used by other industries that realized the value of tracking items and inventory. The black-and-white vertical strips encode the manufacturer’s identity and the exact item that is being scanned. This enables all involved in the distribution of the items to track their destinations and sales.

Bar Code Labeling Equipment

Label printing systems are automated, color coded, and user-friendly. As with most marking systems–whether inkjet, laser, or digital–these are designed to be used, not by computer or technical specialists, but by employees in an industrial setting. Bar code labeling must have precise characters so scanning is easy, and simple operating instructions to ensure a minimum of downtime.

Modular construction enables employees to replace parts quickly and easily. Such a convenient design also permits upgrading without having to purchase a new bar code labeling system, so economy is a strong selling point for these systems. With the advantage of software that does the work and a durable framework that protects the inner parts, these systems provide excellent service.

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