10 Exciting 2020 Graphic Design Trends

10 Stunning Graphic Design Trends 2020 To Follow

Graphic design is an ever-evolving art form. This means that every year, we keep seeing more and more trends emerge in the industry.

As a designer, following the trends is integral if you want to remain relevant. We all remember the olden days when pin ups, aggressive colors, and quirky design were the bomb – but the future is far different.

In this article, we’re going to discuss new graphic design trends in 2020.

10 Stunning Graphic Design Trends 2020 To Follow

1. Smooth Shapes, Lines, and Contrasts

Smooth shapes, simple lines, and subtle contrast have all been trendy for quite a while, and they’re coming back in 2020. Not that they’ve ever left the public eye, but all the best graphic designers have been incorporating these factors into their designs during the whole year.

The representation behind smooth lines, edges, shapes, and contrasting them against a dynamic background work in favor of the design, and this creates a sense of importance. It’s a great way to highlight the main point of your design, and increase the impact that it will have on the viewer.

2. Exciting Color Pallets

Some of the most impressive graphic design trends in 2020 are color pallets rising in popularity. While the utilization of bright colors has always been widespread, the visual design trends in 2020 seem to dictate that less is more.

Color minimalism works in favor of highlighting the main design – a difference between the background color pallet and the design elements of the highlighted object.

For example, if you’re trying to make a logo stand out, you can highlight it by changing its background. That is especially important in marketing, where logos have to be heavily implemented in most areas.

3. Adaptable Design

Adaptability is now more essential than ever. We can’t mention graphic design trends without mentioning adaptability. Adaptability has always been a prominent feature in graphic design. And, with upstart companies on the rise, adaptability has become key.

More design elements are needed every day, and merely rehashing the same old thing isn’t going to cut it. There is a finite amount of design elements and full graphical renders that are appealing to the human eye, so adaptability is essential.

The main traits of adaptable designs are simple designs that can be applied to virtually any marketing strategy, product, brand, or business.

4. Illusionary Design

While adaptability is vital when discussing branded designs, graphic design trends aren’t exclusive to companies. Some designs go towards other purposes, and when they do, the rules completely change.

When it comes to other parts of the design, the latest craze in 2020 has been an illusionary design. Illusionary design means making the background or a particular element a bit dreamy, warped, and engaging. It serves the purpose of creating a sense of memorability and attaching it to your design.

It works by stimulating the viewer, and giving them a sense of wonder connected to your design, thus making it more memorable.

5. Asymmetrical Design

Minimalism has been trending for quite a while, and symmetry and minimalism go hand in hand. One of the ways that minimalism has changed when discussing graphic design trends in 2020 is the addition of asymmetrical designs.

Not everything has to be mirror-perfect. People are celebrating diversity, and are praising the ingenious creation of intricate, asymmetrical design elements. While these work best when applied to the main focal point of a design, they make for poor background choices. Backgrounds should either be chaotically illusionary, or flat.

10 Exciting 2020 Graphic Design Trends

6. Minimalism +

Minimalism is the most popular graphic design trend that has been at the top for the whole century, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Yet, even if it has been in the public eye for quite a while, it still changes yearly.

The latest incarnation of minimalism places quite a lot of focus on:

  • Simple shapes
  • A vast pallet of colors
  • A small number of colors
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical design elements
  • Flat backgrounds
  • Small counterpoints against extensive backgrounds

7. Monochrome Logos

Some designers absolutely love working with logos, while others dread them. Think about what you like about logos, their implementation and purposes are vast, and the market for them is always present.

The most renowned graphic design services place a significant focus on their designated logo designers, which dictate the latest graphic design trends. The latest trend in the industry is a monochromatic approach to logos.

Companies, businesses, and corporations of any size and shape can benefit from a slick, simple, monochromatic logo. Unlike other logos, monochromatic logos can seamlessly be implemented anywhere – and this is one of the main reasons behind their surge in popularity.

8. Cursive Text

Marketing campaigns, products, and logos all contain a bit of text in them. Styling text through many different fonts and styles has been a long journey for the best graphic design services and their professionals, and the trend seems to be ever-evolving.

Since the text is an evolving feature within the design, it’s natural to assume that it’s going to change every couple of years. We’ve seen the rise and fall of simple, impact, bold text, and today is the day of cursive.

Well, not today exclusively – as a surprising amount of text has been cursive for the whole year so far, and it shows no sign of stopping.

10 Exciting 2020 Graphic Design Trends

9. Pastel Duotones

Duotones have always been a popular design choice, and they are a prevalent graphic design trend in 2020. Pastel colors seem to have made their grand comeback this year, as the amount of pastel tones in today’s graphic design has skyrocketed in comparison to the yesteryear color pallet.

Graphic design professionals prefer the combination of pastel duotone monochromatic color scapes in minimalistic designs.

Pastel colors are soft, elegant, and gentle – so it’s no surprise we’re using them more in these uncertain times.

10. Geometric Design

The asymmetrical design has skyrocketed this year, and geometric design features have followed suit. Geometrical design elements are best left to design elements, rather than the background.

Geometry has a significant implementation within any design, as it’s a great way to establish a sense of importance within the design. When a design is stern, slick, and geometrically correct, it gives off a reliable feeling.

The purpose of the background is to highlight the primary design element, logo, or anything else for that matter. Since illusionary and dreamy backdrops have been in fashion for a while now, and asymmetrical designs have been implemented best in main design elements, it’s no wonder that geometric design surged in popularity.

In Conclusion

A good design is a show of professionalism, and it’s bound to represent you, your company, and your brand in an overly positive light.

The industry-leading professionals and graphic design services are the ones that make the trends as accessible as they are. Since patterns themselves always seem to evolve, it’s essential to keep an eye out for the latest graphic design trends in 2020.

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