Desain Kaos Free Download Template

15 Desain Kaos Free Download Template

Butuh contoh desain kaos? Mencari template desain T-Shirt? Inilah 15 desain kaos free download template untuk Anda, silahkan download, Link tersedia dan akan menuntun Anda menuju halaman bersangkutan.

Tentang kaos, fashion yang satu ini memang serbaguna, selain berfungsi untuk gaya-gayaan, juga bisa berfungsi sebagai alat kampanye, media marketing dan sebagainya.

15 Desain Kaos Free Download Template

1. Black T-shirt Template

2. Colorful Male T-Shirts Design Template

Colorful male t-shirts Design template. Vector. Fully editable, vector objects separated and grouped, gradient mesh used. If you need a layered PSD (AI or any other file formats).

3. T-Shirt Template Front

4. Green T-Shirt Template

5. Free Iron Man 3 T-shirt Design PSD Template

When the designer was in his late teens he used to have a great passion for the masculine and steel bodied Iron Man. He used to surf for his wallpapers, pictures and film snapshots and run after Iron Man’s embossed pictured tees. Now even the time has changed he sees the same craving in every youngster who yearns for his own superhero. It varies from person to person why a person has liking for a particular character. Some like fictitious heroes; some have their own fantasy heroes, some like Disney superstars while others like Marvel’s superheroes. But what is most common these days is the yearning for the Iron Man (Tony Stark) – a powerful superhero who is on the tongue of every single person out there.

Template T-Shirt 6

Template T-Shirt 7

Template T-Shirt 8

Template T-Shirt 9

Template T-Shirt 10 Premium Sport Club T-Shirt V2 Template

Another t-Shirt template made with 100% vector shapes & photoshop shapes that the elements are great for use any design project, on the web also in print etc. Symple, Clean, elegant, luxury and sporty your favorite theme, suitable for any sports team / club uniform or related events for school, college, university, company or organization t-shirt. have fun… happy editing and enjoy it!

Template T-Shirt 11 PSD

A customizable T-Shirt PSD, very easy to use, use for whatever.

Template T-Shirt 12

This T-shirt template made in PSD file. The color is easily changeable. attribution is not necessary. Desain kaos free download template.

Template T-Shirt 13 T-Shirt Psd Collection by design deck

Created by designdeck 11 high quality t-shirt templates with PSD’s included in the zip file. The 11 color options are black, red, blue, green, brown, grey, white, yellow, orange, pink and purple.

Please use our T-Shirt Psd Collection by design deck any way you like. Be it commercially or personally, but the designer does have some restrictions on how the zip file is used. Desain kaos free download template.

Template T-Shirt 14

This T-Shirt Template was made in multimedia class for a project the designer was doing. The designer decided that instead, He’d make a template for the people in his class to use. So, he decided to go the extra mile and upload it to DeviantArt so everyone can use it! It’d be appreciated if you let me know when you use this template, and show him the final result! Desain kaos free download template.

Template T-Shirt 15 White T-shirt Template

This White T-shirt Template is available for download for those of you who wish to create their own T-shirt design, and then submit it to the #i-Tee Group. Desain kaos free download template.

Gimana menurut Anda 15 desain kaos free download template tersebut di atas?

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