17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik

Bagaimana cara mendesain poster yang memuat tipografi dan ilustrasi yang memotivasi? Yang pertama tentu menemukan kutipan motivasinya, lalu layout tipografi kemudian ilustrasi. Bisa saja ilustrasi menjadi minimalist ketika penekanan pada konten tipografi menjadi hal yang harus didominankan. Tidak mudah menemukan ide bagi sebuah desain poster yang indah, unik dan menarik? Memang. Inilah 17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik. Kami bagikan tulisan yang mungkin saja pernah dimuat website lain ini agar Anda terinspirasi untuk menemukan ide mendesain poster untuk klien atau untuk kustomer Anda.

Apakah anda sedang mencari jasa pembuatan poster sekaligus printing atau cetak? Ayuprint percetakan Ayu Karawang yang berlokasi berdekatan dengan kawasan industri seperti KIIC, Suryacipta dan KIM bisa menjadi partner terbaik Anda. Kami telah berpengalaman dalam menyediakan suplai material untuk kebutuhan cetak poster dunia industri.

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Contoh-contohnya adalah berikut ini

Semua contoh model-model poster ini bisa Anda download dan lihat lebih lanjut pada link judul. Klik saja pada judul poster untuk menuju halaman sumber.

1. 2012 Motivational Posters

Didesain oleh Neil Kupras dari San Diego, CA, USA. The designer created this set of 3 posters to help motivate himself, and others, to be productive, accomplish their goals and realize their dreams in the year of 2012. Visitors of his portofolio page can download free high resolution desktop wallpapers for each design!

17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik - 2012 Motivational Posters

2. Bill Bradley Quote

Poster ini dibuat oleh Rusty Marnell dari Amarillo, TX, USA. Recently the designer has really gotten into inspirational quotes. He reads this one today and it inspired him to create a poster. It was actually a pretty cathartic process, and that’s rare. Satisfied with the result to boot. Good project!

17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik - Bill Bradley Quote

3. Blind Melon Change

Desainer poster masih Rusty Marnell dari Amarillo, TX, USA. The designer said that this poster is from one of his all time favorite songs. It’s probably his favorite lyric to quote as well. Giving up on your dreams is like giving up on your life. Keep going and you’ll make it.

17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik - Blind Melon Change

4. Friends from Future

Nitin Garg dari kota Delhi, India. The inspiration came when the designer of the poster saw the Bull-Head Art by Picasso. A style of Assembly Art – creating new compositions by using elements from a different context. Later on, he decided to do an illustration series based on it. And then, he met his Friends from Future, they are Retro by heart, a bit silly & still exploring their world.

17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik - Friends from Future

5. I Choose to LIVE

Siapa yang membuat poster ini? Dia adalah V36A dari kota Amsterdam, Netherlands. Konon kata pembuat poster ini pada keterangan di portofolionya: There are so many good things that we miss doing just because of stupid prejudices. We put thousands of senseless barriers in our lives that keep us inside of a box. It is time to break that box and live our lives freely. Let´s make the most of each situation and do more of what we love. Ya gitu deh. Bagus kan? Keren kan?

17 Desain Poster Motivasi yang Unik - I Choose to LIVE

6. IAA Poster Competition

Poster dengan desain papan MCB elektronik hijau dan berilustrasi ikon-ikon unik ini didesain secara cantik oleh Irena Inumaru dari kota London, United Kingdom alias Inggris Raya. “Poster for IAA – International Advertising Asociation Poster series to motivate art students to participate in global student poster design competition. The theme is based on increasing awareness to “biodiversity”. This A0 size poster was distributed in all major art schools in the US, Japan and Europe, “Demikian tulis Irena di halaman behance-nya.

IAA Poster Competition

7. Motivational Posters for Designers

Didesain oleh Eulie Lee dari kota New York, New York, United States.A set of posters explores the cliché and the hilarity of motivational posters. It features ubiquitous themes of typical motivational posters such as Teamwork, Wisdom, Passion, Commitment and Possibilities. They are, however, re-imagined within a context of graphic design, combining the everyday cliché with that of design.

Motivational Posters for Designers

9. Motivational Type Poster

Desainer poster ini adalah Daniel Filipe dari Elizabeth, NJ, USA.

Motivational Type Poster


Designed by Malick Jarrett from Richmond, VA, USA. Have confidence in yourself and what you do. Your good, so know it.



Designed by Malick Jarrett from Richmond, VA, USA. NOW is the time, not later. You didn’t miss your chance, you just didn’t make it yet.


12. Motivational Poster 417577

Desain poster motivasi yang unik ini oleh Erik Vilnius dari Naples, FL, USA . This idea was a collage of what one experience on their cardiovascular journey. regardless of if its a casual walk through the park, a 40k marathon or a run with mans best friend. this poster captures the the environmental stimulus, the emotion, and the smell of success. Both realism & surrealism, it will entertain viewers beyond a quick glance.



Designed by Malick Jarrett from Richmond, VA, USA> Don’t compare yourself to others or their work, just do your thing.


14. Mega Man Motivational Poster

Didesain dengan apik oleh Alan Funk dari Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Menurutnya, “This is a motivational poster with a Mega Man video game theme. In this image, Mega Man breaks through the boss title screen.”

Mega Man Motivational Poster

15. Print Design

Desain poster motivasi yang unik ini oleh Antonella Spagnoli dari Rome, Italy dan Dario Berardi dari Rome, Italy. Ada apa dengan desain print design ini, menurut para desainernya tersebut adalah sebagai berikut: The goal is to make more aware young Italians about the risks of drinking and driving, trying to introduce the habit of picking one boy/girl from the group to stay sober and drive all the others home safely. The campaign consists of posters, beer mats and flyers to be placed into social venues; billboards; a series of scratchcards to be distributed outside these venues to determine who’s the one who has to stay sober; an iphone application that keeps track of your group stats and that determines each time the person who has to drive home the others.

Print Design

16. The Idea Manifesto

Didesain poster motivasi yang unik ini oleh Grace Oris dari Philippines.

The Idea Manifesto

17. TPC Life Wisdom

Desain poster motivasi yang unik ini oleh: Aaron Judd dari kota London, Ontario, Canada.

TPC Life Wisdom

Yah demikianlah contoh-contoh 17 desain poster motivasi yang unik. Anda bisa segera mendapatkan inspirasi untuk membaut desain poster Anda sendiri. Mudah bukan?

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    Thanks for sharing my work and giving proper credit.
    Really appreciate it guys!

    • Masbadar Reply

      I posted two of your posters. You have many great works on Behance, so I think my readers have to know about the works.

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