Contoh Desain Brosur untuk Corporate Identity

18 Contoh Desain Brosur untuk Corporate Identity

Mencari-cari ide desain atau contoh brosur sekaligus menjadi company profile atau corporate identity / identitas bisnis perusahaan? Berikut ini adalah 18 contoh desain brosur untuk corporate identity.

Contoh Desain Brosur untuk Corporate Identity

1. Brosur Corporate Identity – 3rock Brochure

  • didesain oleh Toast Creative. 3rock Corporate Brochure. 3rock needed a brochure to send out to their existing and potential clients to inform them of the services they offer and what they can do.

2. Brosur Corporate Identity – Adopt-a-rainforest Brochure

  • didesain oleh Wade Keller. Adopt-a-Rainforest – Promotional brochure and logo for the non-profit, Adopt-A-Rainforest. This organization supports seven diverse rainforests in Central and South America.

3. Brosur Corporate Identity – Alpha_Txt Brochure

  • didesain oleh Viv Greywoode dari London, United Kingdom. ALPHA_TXT, has developed into Typeface that represents the evolution of the English language. It reflects the way that we communicate due to our yes, yes, now, now global society.
    ALPHA_TXT reflects this issue by abbreviating individual characters in the English alphabet. It is governed by same rules imposed as SMS messaging on a mobile telephone keypad.

4. Brodware SQ & Kristall Brochures

  • didesain oleh Luke Hopkins dari Sydney Australia. Brodware SQ Flyer. A double sided A4 flyer to announce the launch of the new series of black tapware by Brodware Industries. A spot silver and a black channel varnish for added depth.These two brochures were design for Brodware Industries to announce the launch of two new series of tapware. A spot silver and black channel varnish was used for added depth.

5. Buck Town Brochure

  • didesain oleh Zack Anderson. Promotional brochure for the Bucktown area of Chicago

6. Class’net Brochure

  • didesain oleh Alexandre Avram dari Maisons-Laffitte, France. It is a brochure for a cleaning company.

7. Brosur Corporate Identity – EAW Line Array Brochure

8. Brosur Corporate Identity – Gingerboy Brochure

  • didesain oleh Project: Signage. The building signage we developed directly references the vertical. neon signage language of Asia. While its dramatic size and presence in the laneway off China Town make it clearly visible during the day, the neon sign comes to life and illuminates much of the laneway at night. Window vinyl signage, menu light. boxes and authentic imagery were. also developed to communicate the restaurant identity.


10. Leporello Spree Art Design

  • didesain oleh b3ns.

11. NTU Degree Shows 09

  • didesain oleh: Andrew Tohmpsen

12. Brochure

13. plAAy Brochure

14. Pocket Product Catalogues Brochure

  • didesain oleh matieregrise

15. Rebrand Brochure

16. St Patrick’s Festival Brochure

  • didesain oleh sortdesign

17. Unicer Brochure and Product Catalogue

18. Volkswagen Brochure

Demikianlah 18 Contoh Desain Brosur untuk Corporate Identity. Ayo teruskan membacanya, masih banyak referensi desain dan printing yang bisa anda dapatkan berupa contoh model desain aneka produk percetakan seperti brosur, profile bisnis, label, form, dan sebagainya.

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