Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original

24 Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original

Mug atau cangkir tempat Anda meletakan minuman kopi atau teh favorit Anda adalah perkakas paling jamak ditemukan di mana saja dengan fungsi yang hampir tidak berbeda. Beda negara, beda tempat dan beda zaman; mug atau cangkir selalu ada dengan variasi desain yang pun tidak jauh berbeda. Hanya saja kini evolusi desain dan pemasaran mulai menjadikan wadah imut ini sebagai sarana media marketing dan juga merupakan salah satu perkakas dengan fashion yang selalu dinamis. Inilah 24 contoh mug cangkir desain kreatif original.

24 Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original

Sensasi menikmati teh atau kopi bisa didapatkan dengan beraneka faktor, mulai suasana, tempat hingga mug sebagai wadah yang digunakan. Tidak saja terkait sensasi cita rasa, juga gaya hidup dan prestise. Apakah anda sepakat dengan saya soal desain mug dan cangkir tersebut?

Tengah mencari jasa print pada mug atau cangkir? silahkan hubungi kami saja, 08128532030/ 0857 7112 3798 ; dengan Ayuprint Karawang.

Desain dengan kreasi yang inovatif kreatif dan tetap mempertahankan orisinalitas fungsi mug akan menjadikan mug cangkir tersebut berpengaruh dalam mengubah cita rasa, mendukung suasana dan mewakili presitise sang peminum. Di mana mendapatkan desain kreatif dan original sebuah mug atau cangkir yang sesuai dengan cita rasa, selera dan prestise anda? Inilah 24 Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original.

1. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Accented With Fall Leaf Design Wonderful Thanksgiving Decor

  • Desain bersumber dari: Toko Online Amazon. Cangkir dengan model buah labu ini cocok bagi anda yang merayakan thanksgiving.

2. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Angel Mug

  • Didesain oleh: Sami Rinne. Desain model mug dengan sayap ini adalah ciri khas desainer asal Helsinki Finlandia.

3. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Antonio Murado Salome Coffee Set

  • Didesain oleh: Antonio Murodo. Mug dengan desain horor ini cocok bagi anda penyuka hal-hal ekstrem dan bermental pemberani. Tapi jijik gak sih ya

4. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Carabiner Mug

5. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Coffee Sets Minum Kopi

  • Didesain oleh: Sentou.

6. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Crockery Set

  • Didesain oleh: O! luna Cups & Saucers. Made from the finest design-led porcelain, these cups & mugs bring the purity of geometry and creativity to the tabletop. These cups & mugs are part of the O!Luna range – please refer to the “crockery set” for full details. Dishwasher safe and microwave safe..

7. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Cupple Coffee Mug & Holder

  • This set of ceramic coffee mugs have been designed with an imaginative storage solution – the mug’s handle fits snugly into the base when not in use. Made from durable porcelain and silicone. Available in sets of 2, 4 and 6. Product Specs Dimensions: mug: 3″ x 4.3″ x 3.5″ Materials: porcelain & silicone.

8. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Drink Selector Mug bermacam Isi Minuman

  • Suck UK Mug Drink Selector – Scream: Kitchen & Dinin.

9. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Ego

  • Ego Breakfast Cup by Iittala. Cup only, Breakfast Cup Saucer sold separately. 13.5 oz. Porcelin China, Open handle big enough for any size hand. The cups are stackable.

10. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Flame-On Bead Mug

  • Materials: glass, bead, mug, italianglass, softglass, moretti. Ships worldwide from New York United States.

11. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Gun Mug

  • Designed by chillichilly, hong kong-based design studio. Go slow in life, kill time with a cup of coffee! material : porcelain size : 7.6 oz available in black with platinum plated trigger. NOT microwave and dishwasher safe. Only the black gun mugs are now available because the white gun mug has been discontinued.

12. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Heath Ceramics Studio Mug

  • Tak ada deskripsi produk mug ini secara mendetail, jika tertarik beli saja di toko amazon.

13. Mug Kreatif Unik Original – Hijau Grass Root

  • Biodegradable Corn Travel Mug. Say goodbye to single-use, disposable cups! This durable commuter mug is green in more ways than one, and a great alternative for those who love their lattes on the go. Best of all, because it’s made entirely from corn, it is completely biodegradable! Boasting a solid 17oz capacity and a stylish graphic of Grassroots’ inspiring environmental slogans, this travel mug is: Made from 100% U.S. corn plastic (natural fermented corn starch with less than 1% non-toxic dye), Free of petrochemicals, Biodegradable, Non-leaching, Microwave safe. We recommend hand washing your corn mug to preserve its rich luster. Available Colours: Green, Blue, Red.

14. Mug Unik Original – Kedo Product Tea Code

  • Would you like to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea? But very often the string on the other end of tea bag just couldn’t behave itself. I slips and sticks into the cup then onto your face!! It swings crazy that spoils the last bit of tranquillity in a beautiful afternoon.

15. Mug Unik Original – One week coffee cup

  • Segelas kopi buat seminggu? Yakin? Nah cangkir ini bakalan cocok.

16. Mug Unik Original – Panda Face Mug

  • Suka panda? Lucu dan menggemaskan bukan? Nikmati kelucuan hewan dari Tiongkok ini dengan mengabadikannya dalam sebuah bentuk mug? Beli saja secara online.

17. Mug Unik Original – Pura Tea Cup untuk Minum Teh

  • Tertarik mug ceper bertatakan stainles buat minum teh? Beli saja di Amazon.

18. Mug Unik Original – Red Candy

  • Enhance your coffee presentation skills with this set of 2 stylish red and white mugs by Guzzini! The Guzzini Cappuccino Cups and Saucers is an enticing set that combines classic white porcelain with modern transparent red plastic resin for a unique, yet classy design.

19. Mug Unik Original – Rx Mugs

  • A perfect set of 2 mugs for couple. One mug is for her and another one is for him. Source.

20. Mug Unik Original – Snap Cups bergandengan nempel pake kancing

  • 3 ounce ceramic cups with metal clothing snaps embedded in outer cup walls. Extra snaps included to install cups anywhere: under your cabinet, by your desk, or to your bike handlebars. Neither microwave nor dishwasher safe; completely food safe.

21. Mug Unik Original – The pouch mug

  • A revolutionary idea, the pouch mug does away with the cup & saucer forever. Simply steep your tea bag as long as you like and store it safely in its pouch to use again or trash when you return to the kitchen. A great gift for a friend, teacher, mom, or anyone you know who likes cool kitchen items. They may not drink tea, maybe coffee is their choice. The pouch can double as a sugar packet holder, or throw a few mints in there for post-coffee breath!

22. Mug Unik Original – The Skase, Mug dengan dudukan kayu

  • The Skase teacup set is based on the idea of symbiosis. A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. The Skase is a cup and saucer for the post-modern world. The cup is made from white glazed creamware and is freed from the usual convention of requiring a flat base. It has a pleasingly tactile pointed shape and sits upon a cross base made from Manchurian walnut. Nominated for ‘100 Most Beautiful Objects in the World 2010′

23. Mug Unik Original – The Ultimate Coffee Cup

  • Made of the finest translucent high-fire vitreous porcelain. Saucers double as heat-retaining lids and enable artful stacking. You will actually enjoy your coffee and tea more! Treat yourself, your family, and your friends to the Coffee Cup of the Future.

24. Mug Unik Original – Vivre Viking Wood Handle Pegangan Kayu

  • The Stag Horn Mug is one of the coolest mugs I have ever seen. It’s not Holy Grail cool, but a giant real stag horn, used as a handle and attached to a silver-plated mug is definitely up there. This thing looks like a mug a Viking warrior would be proud to drink from

24 Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original. 24 Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original. 24 Contoh Mug Cangkir Desain Kreatif Original.

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