Contoh Desain Brosur Pop Up sebagai Corporate Identity Bisnis

27 Contoh Desain Brosur Pop Up sebagai Corporate Identity Bisnis

Jika ada ingin para calon kustomer prospektif anda mendapatkan visualisasi yang baik terhadap produk ataupun bisnis anda, maka media dalam bentuk pop-up mungkin solusi terbaik. Pada tulisan ini akan disajikan 27 Contoh Desain Brosur Pop Up sebagai Corporate Identity Bisnis.

Pop up artinya muncul mendadak ke atas atau tiba-tiba nampak. Jika model pop-up anda aplikasikan dalam desain layout sebuah brosur, maka sangat mungkin banyak calon kustomer anda akan tervisualisasi terhadap produk dan bisnis anda dengan sangat baik. Terlebih lagi jika brosur pop up dihadirkan dengan jenis kertas berkualitas, warna yang mencolok.

Brosur adalah bagian dari sebuah identitas, biak produk maupun bisnis. Desain brosur pop up yang menarik akan membuat identitas produk anda semakin unik dan menarik. Berikut ini adalah 27 contoh desain-desain brosur pop-up:

Contoh Desain Brosur Pop Up sebagai Corporate Identity Bisnis

01 Dalla Terra Al Cielo

Didesain oleh: Giulia Ronchi dari Milano, Italia. “Ero un ragazzo ambizioso di provincia che sognava non solo una Cadillac e belle ragazze, ma che voleva costruire la geografia di se stesso, nel valore del legame della famiglia d’origine; penso al mio amato padre, grande e umile lavoratore” Bruce Springsteen.

02 Pop-up Brochure

Didesain oleh: Sally Ko Design. As a School project, I wanted to do something more innovative than just a plain’ol fold brochure. Something that can engage Children and adults. The goal was to target all groups and ages, so I created a train-shaped pop-up brochure that captivates the fun within everyone.

03. The Ride to Conquer Cancer 2011 Campaign

desain oleh: Shannon Bellanca. Materials below for the 2011 Event include: POP Display & Brochure, Bike Route Pocket Guide, Mailer Bag, Bike Number, and New Route Map. The Ride to Conquer Cancer is a two-day bike ride to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. The yellow lines and grid graphics represent the road lines from which the cyclist will be following during their journey. All photography used on the materials are from the 2010

04. Three-dimensional brochure about color

Dideesain oleh: Olena Maksymova. This pop up brochure is a publication about color to be launched in schools for farget audience – children 9 -15 years. The Idea is to made book exciting and interactive, in order to involve users and arouse an interest in the colour phenomenon.

05. Il Mondo di Masin

desain oleh: Eliabetta Giordana. This is Il mondo di Massin of Exhibition design, book & brochure design. Installation: Dimension 40 x 40cm (1:10 scale). The design of an exhibition space showing the French graphic designer Robert Massin’s working method. Based on ‘playfulness’ this scale mode shows effectively the most important aspects of the designer’s philosophy. Brochure & Book. The brochure represents a physical and conceptual map of the exhibition. The book contains all the information found during my research. It is also a detailed report of the project: explaining how the idea originated and the steps of its development.

06- Drago

Didesain oleh: Fabio Bevilacqua. Brochure pop up realizzata per la DRAGO – International publishing house of contemporary art.

07- San Martino Company Profile

Didesain oleh: Kalimera. This is a Company Profile for our client Tipografia San Martino, wich is a Printing Company wich all the process is done with a particular attention to environment. The all work was printed with FSC Procedures and materials.

08. Architectural Model Festival brochure

Brosur ini didesain oleh: Eszter Misztarka. This is an international Architectural Model Festival brochure on 2011.

09. Spiralis lab Creative open container

desain oleh: Elena Toniolo. Client: Spiralis Lab. Print Offset: Silk print. Paper: 450 gr/mq Sirio Fedrigoni. Color: Pantone 485C.

10 2015 Prague Kite Festival Promotional Mailer

Desain oleh: Phil Champ

11- Annual Giving 2013

Didesain oleh: Bronwyn Rogers. Created for the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Annual Giving, this brochure we wanted a concept that would stand out as direct mail piece and that would simply illustrate what your donation no matter what size, would do for the School. The ‘Help your School Flourish’ concept was chosen with a 3D pop-up flower that would blossom when the brochure was opened. The brochure also acts as a memento of your contribution long after your donation has been received.

12 ApniCure Winx Direct Mail 2013

Didesain oleh: Tetra Design Group . This brochure was printed and designed by ApniCure® Winx® Direct Mail 2013. It features a fun pop-up showing ApniCure’s Winx Sleep Therapy System in context. The success of this piece guaranteed good booth turnout at both SLEEP 2013 and ATS, and generated more interest in this innovative device which helps individuals with obstructive sleep apnea.

13 Architectural Model Festival Brochure

Desain oleh: Lili Köves.

14- Type Designer Brochure

Didesain oleh: Kidanun Nye. This brochure is designed to promote a type designer, Kris Holmes. I want to show the typeface and want the audience having fun with the brochure, so I use pop-up technique in the design.

15. Pop-Up Brochure 2011

desain oleh: Lyubava

16. Booklet

Booklet for vending company. Desain oleh: Roman Kharlamov

17- HAIR RAISERS multifold brochure

Multi-fold brochure designed at Yoobee School of Design using two spot colours and die cuts to create pop up. Desain oleh: Phill Banks

18 Texas Rose Festival

Konon didesain oleh: Mike Hill di Behance. Tapi link sudah tidak aktif.

19 SDF Pop-up Brochurew

Didesain oleh: Jedidah Tan. A handmade pop-up brochure for a mock-up event – Singapore Design Festival.


Didesain oleh: TAMARA AZAR

21 Visual Resources Design Group Recruiting Brochure

Diesain oleh: Jamie Peplinski. This brochure aimed for the internship ht designer had at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, called Visual Resources, The deisgner had to create a recruting brochure so others would join the design team for the next semester. Teh designer wanted to create something that would appeal to the design students at MIAD, so I used the colors CMYK and a very modern and dynmamic typeface. The outside intrigues you to open the brochure by stating, “BREAK THE PARADIGM OF DESIGN”, then the open up literally pops out at you in 3D letters that say “JOIN VR.” The paragraph challenges the student to apply and join VR. Copywriting and design done by the designer.

22 Promo Student

desain oleh: Chiara Arnone

23 Illustrations and Pop-up Book

Contoh desain brosur pop up ini didesain oleh: Andreia Mesquita

24 Folder Pop-up Erbe

Contoh desain brosur pop up ini didesain oleh: Rafaela Wiele Anton

25 Champion, Case Studies, Brand Identity

Contoh desain brosur pop up ini didesain oleh: Kalimera

26 Pop -up Stefano Giovannoni

Contoh desain brosur pop up ini didesain oleh: Jhinneska Araya


Contoh desain brosur pop up ini didesain oleh: lio . bardo . leo

Jika anda menghendaki tampilan brosur anda dalam model pop up, pastikan layout dan desain pop up brosur anda benar-benar mewakili visualisasi produk anda, tentu diharapkan nantinya setelah brosur di ekspos kepada banyak calon kustomer, mereka para calon kustomer prospektif anda akan mendapatkan gambaran tak terhingga akan produk anda.

Dalam mendesain brosur popup, bebaskan imajinasi anda terhadap desain sesuai dengan selera anda. Contoh-contoh di atas semoga bisa menjadi sumber-sumber inspirasi desain brosur pop-up anda. Demikianlah 27 Contoh Desain Brosur Pop Up sebagai Corporate Identity Bisnis.

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