30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain

30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain

Selamat datang kembali di laman official percetakan Ayu Karawang. Sebuah website yang senantiasa menyajikan koleksi-koleksi referensi desain, grafis, tips dan aneka informasi seputar dunia printing dan percetakan. Menyambung beberapa info terdahulu tentang font dan type face, kali ini kami ingin berbagi beberapa koleksi kami; 30 koleksi font terbaik untuk desain. Kesemua font-font ini setidaknya menurut info yang kami dapatkan adalah gratis alias Free to Download. Juga dilengkapi dengan link developer dari website site tempatnya para desainer grafis memajang portofolio mereka.

30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain

1. Aaram Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Tharique Azeez dari London, United Kingdom. Aaram is a unique font family, that comes in six gorgeous styles to choose from. Aaram primarily designed for screen but it’ll look fantastic in print too.

2. Anders Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Tom Anders Watkins dari kota Lincoln, United Kingdom. This is an experimental project I decided to create. I thought to create something I could give to everyone, almost as a thank you to the overwhelming support my work has received. Using influences from modern font design, I wanted something very minimal and a little unique, here’s the result. Feel free to use it commercially or personally, just let me know how you use it!

3. Aventura Free Typeface

Desainer font ini adalah Jimmy Kalman dari kota Miami, Florida, United States. Free font for personal and commercial use, enjoy!

4. Blenda Script Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Seniors Studio dari Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Blenda Script is a free experimental font inspired by lobster font, a bold vintage script. can be used for various purposes. Such as news, posters, logos, badges etc. License: Free for Personal and Commercial use. Free weights: Bold.

5. Chula Typography

Font ini didesain oleh: Gabriela Roh dari kota Monterrey, Mexico.

6. Curely Free Typeface

Desainer font ini adalah Konstantine Studio di Jakarta, Indonesia. This font design is a free handmade typeface.

7. Delicate Free Typeface

Font ini didesain oleh: FAAK&PAAT Studio di kota Bordeaux, France. Delicate is a free download & available Typeface base on different Slab whithout thin strokes. Use it for elegant style. Make your own, free for commercial and personal use.

8. Disclaimer Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah banyak orang; Boris Bonev dari Berlin, Germany dan Fontfabric di City, Bulgaria. Disclaimer – module-based display font coming in two variations: Plain and Classic. Designed by me and available for free download at Fontfabric type foundry. www.fontfabric.com

9. Draft Display Free Font

Font ini didesain oleh: Camille San Vicente dari Quezon City, Philippines. Draft Display is free font designed by Camille San Vicente. Draft Display contains Uppercase and Lowercase Letters.

10. Farray Font Free Download

Desainer font ini adalah Adrien Coquet dari kota Lille, France .The designer wants to share this font so he make it Free Download for personnal and commercial use – Thanks for the Like !

11. Hitchhiker Free Font

Font ini didesain oleh: Slava Krivonosov Tomsk, Russian Federation. Inspired by America’s mid-20th century and road travelling philosophy, especially by Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the road”. Totally free. Thank you!

12. Inquit Free Display Font

Desainer font ini adalah anima design lab Volos, Greece dan Dimitris Chatzelas. INQUIT is a display font based on alchemical symbols and sigils.

13. Kaiju Font

Font ini didesain oleh: Anthony James dari Manchester, United Kingdom.

14. Kari Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Javier Rivero dari Guadalajara, Mexico.

15. Komoda Font

Font ini didesain oleh: Asia Ang dari Poznań, Polandia. Komoda is a display, sans serif typeface suitable for headlines, editorial and poster design. This font is free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy!

16. Mad Squire Typeface Free font

Desainer font ini adalah Nele Tullus dari kota Tartu, Estonia. Mad Squire is a free geometric and experimental sans serif typeface inspired by double parallel lines. Mad Squire was made as a personal project and so it is completely free for both personal and commercial use. Thank you and enjoy.

17. Modeka Free Font

Font ini didesain oleh: Gatis Vilaks dari Riga, Latvia. My Second Font is ready! You can download it and use it for everything you want for free! But I would be really glad if after using my font for a project You would send me a link to Your work, just for curiosity! 🙂 Also please Appreciate this work if You like it!

18. Mondrian Font Free Font

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Tano Veron dari Buenos Aires, Argentina.

19. Motorless Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Fabien Laborie dari kota Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Motorless is a three styles display typeface inspired by good ol’ clunkers, wrecking yards, oil and dirt. Motorless is rickety and imperfect. that’s why it’s free.

20. Pirou Free Font

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Quentin Grébeude dari Strasbourg, France. Pirou is an experimental outline typeface inspired by Didot. The font contains more than 300 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, ligatures and accents. Pirou is designed for large title such as logo, headline, poster, etc.

21. Silent Lips Experimental Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Vincent Labonne dari Bel Air, Mauritius. An experimental typeface imagined through a lot of different experiences.

22. South Rose Free Typeface

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Sydney Goldstein dari Lawrence Kansas, USA. South Rose is a luxury travel service. The font and branding is based off the South Rose Window at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Selected for Communication Arts 2014 Typography Annual. Selected for the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 35.

23. Streetwear Free Font

Desainer font ini adalah Artimasa Studio Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Streetwear is bold and stylish retro inspired script typeface suitable for logo, poster, branding, packaging and t-shirt design. It looks like 1960s and 70s fashion and sport related typeface, unique and fun at the same time. You can access Streetwear’s alternate characters by using OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

24. Tesla Font Free Font

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Lexi Griffith dari Lawrence, Kansas, United States. The inspiration for this typeface was found in the circuitry of lightbulb filament and wiring intricately crossing paths.

25. Thin Line Font

Desainer font ini adalah Gatis Vilaks dan Evita Vilaka, mereka berasal dari Riga, Latvia.

26. Totem Free Typeface

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Benito Ruiz dari Madrid, Spain.

27. Typeface Polar Vertex

Desainer font ini adalah Katharine Howard dari Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Polar Vertex is a new display typeface that inspires dreamers and free-thinkers. With a slightly nautical, celestial, and geometric design, it is quite diverse.

28. Unveilfree Vector Font

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Tré Seals dari Washington, District of Columbia. I unveil to you, Unveil—a unique display typeface! Made out of Futura and alot of illustration, this font is perfect for a variety of applications. It’s for that suprise party / baby shower / block party invitation you’re working on. For those magazine spreads that require a special drop cap. For that unique ‘Coming Soon’ poster. Use it for a logo or a t-shirt design. Use it as you like. This vector font comes in five different styles that allow you to layer them any way you see fit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

29. Voga Typeface

Desainer font ini adalah Charles Daoud Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Meet Voga. Voga is a condensed modern Didone typeface with three weights; Regular, medium and bold. My aim was to create a very elegant and “sexy” typeface with some unique letterforms based on the principle of contrast – curves vs. strong straight lines – thin hairlines vs. thick stems – ball terminals vs. geometric serifs. These caracteristics shape it into a glamourous display font primarily used for titles and large typography settings. Voga was inspired by iconic typefaces such as Bodoni and Didot. It has an extensive glyph set that supports languages for the Americas and most of Europe.

30. Woodwarrior Typeface

Font ini dibuat dan dikembangkan oleh: Anton Bohlin dari Berlin, Jerman. Woodwarrior is a typeface inspired by the north, and the contrast between modern man made structures and untouched nature shaped by wind and ice alone.

Yup demikianlah 30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain grafis maupun website yang bisa anda download dan gunakan secara gratis alias free. Bijaklah menggukannya. Terima kasih telah mampir dan membaca semua koleksi kami. Salam dari satu-satunya percetakan di Karawang yang selalu mengedukasi pembaca dan kustomernya dengan banyak informasi grafis yang bermanfaat. Semoga.

30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain. 30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain. 30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain. 30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain. 30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain. 30 Koleksi Font Terbaik untuk Desain.

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