70 Topi Wisuda Sarjana Lucu Ekspresi Kelulusan

Topi wisuda sarjana lucu ekspresi kelulusan. 70 topi wisuda sarjana ini jadi lucu karena menjadi bahan luapan ekspresi kelulusan pemiliknya. Entah euphoria kebahagiaan atau kebingungan memikirkan pasca lulus kuliah dan menjadi sarjana yang harus siap melihat dunia nyata dengan segala persaingan kerja dan hidup.

Sebagian menjadi lucu bahkan satir karena entah menyindir diri sendiri, kualitas kelulusan, pendidikan dan skill yang diperoleh semasa kuliah atau akses pekerjaan ke 70 topi wisuda kelulusan sarjana ini pantas membuat yang melihatnya tidak saja tersenyum tapi juga memahami kegelisahan mereka.

Seperti topi-topi itu jadinya? Silahkan lihat satu persatu gambar-gambar 70 topi wisuda sarjana lucu ekspresi kelulusan ini.

70 Topi Wisuda Sarjana Lucu Ekspresi Kelulusan

1. I Finally Got The ‘D’ Diploma 2015

2. I Still Have No Idea What I’m Doing

3. We got no troubles, life is the bubbles with a degree

4. About Time

5. Who’s hiring?

6. iteach, there’s no app for that

7. Breaking grad

8. Literally ready 2 graduate

9. 99 problems but a diploma ain’t one!

10. I want to where the people one employed

11. miss 2016 libby

12. mischief managed 2016

13. with great power comes great responsibility, thank you mom

14. thanks pizza, you’ve stuck with me through thick and thin crust

15. I waste 13 years of my life and all I got was this stupid cap

16. I 2015 is smart 🙂

17. Finally down with this

18. game of loans

19. it’s dangerous to go alone take this

20. four years later

21. 72 years old and still kickin, never to old to learn

22. if youre reading this I graduated

23. let the adventure begin

24. i came to fly

25. i came i saw i contoured

26. game over, insert $29,800 to continue

If you are reading this, i’m graduating

Hello loans

Student loans

I worok hard so my dog can have a better life

1336 days later

because hogwarts didn’t take fafs a

A world of opportunity awaits

I have no clue what i’m doing but I know I’m doing it really well

Clever girl 14

Truss me i’m an engineer

Collect diploma as you pass su

It’s time to see what I can do

Always do what you love never settle

Life score

where is my diploma?

Help me I’m poor


Don’t you forget about me

next stop everywhere

Hi girl girls, you did it I always believed in you

I know I wined alot but I did it!!

Master have given dobby a diploma, dobby is free

Just did it

Dreams do come true

I was told there would be jobs


Thousands of tears later

-100,000 caps + 1 int

Graduation time


screw you guys, i’m goin’ home

helicopter propeler

Your preparation for the real world is not in the answer you’ve learned but in the questions you learned how to ask your self

Time about

Employer:147,  graduate: 92/92,  apply: beg-run

My loans are over 9000!

For the stars reach

It’s a cap. veirginia tech 13

Btw mom, I have a tattoo

now what?

Everything ends and so our story begins

Thanks mom and dad and coffee

Now hotter by one degree

I don’t even go here!

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