8 Poster Sticker Vinyl Finishing Styrofoam

Inilah 8 Poster Sticker Vinyl Finishing Styrofoam. Percetakan Ayu Karawang dengan badan hukum CV Ayugroup Karawang adalah perusahaan percetakan di Karawang. Kami melayani semua jenis kebutuhan cetak dan printing serta desain grafis. Kami menggunakan mesin-mesin offset serta digital printing untuk menjadi solusi terbaik dokumen cetak Anda.

Ini adalah beberapa contoh produk cetak berupa poster dengan bahan sticker vinyl dan finishing berupa menggunakan Styrofoam. Poster – poster tersebut adalah milik PT Toyobo Knitting Indonesia untuk keperluan marketing dan brand identity.

PT Toyobo perusahaan Jepang Indonesia yang berada di Kawasan Industri KIIC (Karawang International Industrial Complex) mempercayakan printing poster berbahan sticker vinyl dan dengan finishing di Styrofoam.

Custom Poster Prints

Custom poster printing is one of the most popular printing services that can be used for an extensive variety of purposes. While being eye-catching and informative enough, printed posters are frequently used as an indispensable promotional tool allowing companies to advertise their products or services with minimum investments.

Ayuprint percetakan di Karawang is here to address any your related needs. We specialize in printing custom posters from photos ensuring an unmatched accuracy along with professional quality. While creating custom posters, we are committed to help both small businesses and individuals to promote events, products and services without spending a fortune. With our printed posters you are able to make an attractive marketing message in accordance with your specific needs and get it across to prospective customers instantly catching their attention.

Moreover, poster prints are ideal for displaying your favorite photos. Our custom poster printing service allows you to enlarge your precious photos and bring them to life in a variety of sizes. Whether you have a digital camera image or a scanned picture, at Ayuprint percetakan di Karawang we’ll print custom posters of your.

What makes our custom poster prints really different is our new Crystal Point Technology that serves as an impressive, economical and eco-friendly printing solution. Since all our products are made of a 100% recyclable material (ground up stone and building materials with 20% recycled polyethlene), there is no risk of a system or air pollution.

Ayuprint percetakan di Karawang offers an extensive selection of custom poster printing options that include choosing the necessary size, material and others. Feel free to contact us today to find out more.

Poster Sticker Vinyl Finishing Styrofoam

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8. Poster Sticker pH Regulating Fiber

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