35 Desain Map Company Profile Perusahaan Corporate

35 Desain Map Company Profile Perusahaan Corporate Portofolio Design Folder

Inilah 35 desain map company profile perusahaan corporate untuk Anda pertimbangkan sebagai contoh referensi ide desain. Company profile (profil perusahaan) merupakan sejumlah arsip / sekumpulan materi informasi yang mendeskripsikan sebuah institusi; dalam hal ini adalah perusahaan, sejarah, status saat ini, dan visi serta misi bisnisnya. Sebuah profil perusahaan bisnis dapat se-singkat mungkin; cuma satu halaman saja atau mengandung data yang cukup banyak hingga berpuluh-puluh halaman.

35 Desain Map Company Profile Perusahaan Corporate

Meski banyak bentuk, desain dan format yang berbeda, company profile semestinya menyertakan beberapa informasi penting yang wajib ada. Pada artikel ini hanya akan menayangkan sebanyak 35 contoh desain map / folder atau bisa digunakan sebagai kover sebuah company profile. 35 lebih gambar-gambar di bawah ini semoga bisa mendatangkan inspirasi desain bagi anda yang sedang memburu contoh desain company profile untuk perusahaan dan bisnis anda.

Company Profile 01 EEtek Folder Design

Contoh desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: Vera Moiré dari Budapest, Hungary.

Company Profile 02 – Inglis & Rock Branding

Company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh Greig Anderson dari Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Company Profile 03 – Folder Leon

Company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: Giugraph92

Company Profile 04 – Art of Print

Didesain oleh: Deviantonis.

Company Profile 05 – Stepcase Logo Stationery

Didesain oleh: Arpad. Stepcase is a new company focused into software, content, and community for productivity and organization themes. Logo and Stationary should be timeless and yet have some Web 2.0 style and o incorporate the meaning of this company name where appropriate. Must be Timeless, fresh, clean image. Strong. Focus on a brandable logo. Looking for a logo that generates an emotional response”

Company Profile 06 – Fashion Branding

Didesain oleh: Matthias Kaeding dari New York, New York, United States. Various Branding Projects for Fashion including Identities, Packaging, Fabrics, Buttons, Labels, Hangers, Accessories, Hang-Tags, Rivets, Fabrics, Weaves, Patterns and Store Signage.

Company Profile 07 – 4FM Media Booklet + Folder

Didesain oleh: Alan Murphy dari Dublin, Irlandia. 4FM Media Pack, had to design a Business-to-Business booklet for the newest radio station in Ireland.

Company Profile 08 – Extravega Documents Folder

Didesain oleh: Playdesign Studio di Milan, Italy.

Company Profile 09 – Emotion Book

Didesain oleh Julmeme dari Tokyo, Jepang. It is a Portfolio for an event company.

Company Profile 10 – The Big 6

Tim Hansen dari Wellington Selandia Baru. This is a pack for business owners and employers from the department of labour.

Company Profile 11 – Priss Makeup Services Folder

Didesain oleh: Stephanie Skuzenski dari Royal Oak, MI, USA. It is a Services Folder designed for Priss Makeup.

Company Profile 12 – Accrete Presentation Folder

Didesain oleh: Macca002.This is the designer’s approved presentation folder and corporate suite for a business client, Accrete.

Company Profile 13 – Eetek Folder Design

Didesain oleh: Vera Moiré Budapest, Hungary.

Company Profile 14 – Safety Culture Snapshot

Didesain Oleh:Tim Hansen dari Wellington Selandia Baru. Pack for health & safety reps to promote, improve and offer advice on safety culture in the workplace.

Company Profile 15 – Folder Hydra

Didesain oleh: vrij design Montevideo, Uruguay.

Company Profile 16 – Primal Foods

Didesain oleh: Trevor Ince dari London, United Kingdom

Company Profile 16 – Foldout Pocket Folder

Didesain oleh: Kim Knoll. The Korte Company is all about building smart, so I thought their pocket folder should have the same integrity. This 8-panel pocket folder folds out to be a timeline on one side, giving a birds eye view of the company, while the other side includes 2 deep pockets with 2 business card holders.

Company Profile 17 – KunstKoppen folder

Didesain oleh: Rene Verkaart dari Maastricht, Netherlands. KunstKoppen is a television show where local artists can portrait themselves and sell their work. The show is run by TV Maastricht and this folder should promote the show and give the artist the possibility to enlist themselves.

Company Profile 18 – Folder Biolab

Desain oleh: Carlos Carvalhar. This folder was made to promote the new profile of a pharmaceutical enterprise.

Company Profile 19 – The Imaginarium of Extraordinary Ideas

Didesain oleh BIANCA COUTO dari Johannesburg, South Africa. Y&R Touch is a specialist shopper-marketing agency that brings Brands to life, capturing the hearts and minds of consumers. By creating a CI that actually pops up in the in-store environment we allow marketers to physically engage with the core company proposition and to be drawn into a world of choices.

Company Profile 20 – Design

Desain oleh: Ivana Milanović.

Company Profile 21 – MindView Corporate

Desain oleh: Nitrovince.

Company Profile 22 – Yahoo! Canada Presentation Folder

Didesain oleh: Pressure* creative.

Company Profile 23 – Onsilk Folder Preview

Sumber: Alexander Merlini. It is a Paper folder for “OnSilk” company.

Company Profile 24 – Mosaic Associates Architects

Sumber: Shannon-Rose Design. Custom diecut folder that follows the design standards created in the rebranding campaign. Note the focus on the business card and its relationship with the overall pocket design. The right pocket also highlights the corporate brochure.

Company Profile 25 – Leaders in Dubai

Sumber: Jeff Tan. When you have guests speakers of the same league as Bill Clinton and scores paying top dollar to attend this coveted Conference, you have to provide a folder kit that can store all those conference notes. Here’s a nifty idea that does the job, complete in a cute briefcase die-line. Advertising Agency: Tonic Communications Dubai, Creative Director: Vincent Raffray, Art Director: Jef Tan, Copywriter: Vincent Raffray, Typographer: Jef Tan. Published: 2005

Company Profile 26 – FullChamp Company Folder

Didesain oleh Leo Logo Design.

Company Profile 27 – FatBottomLine Business Card & Folder

Desain oleh Jeffrey Whitehead Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

Company Profile 28 – Presentation Folder

Didesain oleh Studio Bunicular.

Company Profile 29 – Hönne CI and packaging proposal

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: Redkroft.

30 – Iriebe Garden City

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: Mansur Mamatkulov.

31- Kingston Airport Corporate Identity

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: BmDodo Strategic Design which is an award winning, full service, strategic graphic design company. Through strategic thinking, research and critical analysis, it develops effective, tailored solutions and great return on investment for your organization.When the Kingston Airport set out to increase their passenger base and promote air travel in the region, they faced substantial obstacles. A fuzzy identity, inadequate knowledge of services, and issues with signage and accessibility hampered the airport’s efforts to move forward.

32 – Black Light

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: Identity Designed, a showcase of brand identity projects from around the world. Black Light is a provider of light, stage, sound and AV solutions to companies, theaters and educational institutions based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They come from a theatrical background and therefore have a passion for finding innovative and creative solutions to the most technical of challenges. With over 25 years of experience in the business, they have been supplying products and services to schools, theatres, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, heritage centres and private clients.

33 – FreeMotion Fitness Brand Folder

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh Greta Schmidt dari Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

34 – Folder

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: Antigoni Chryssanthopoulou – inogitna Athens, Greec.

35 – Blue Diamond Logistics Corporate Folder Template

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate ini didesain oleh: CF Folder Designers Keego Harbor, Michigan, United States. The Blue Diamond Logistics Corporate Folder Template is a free vector graphic design template for Adobe Illustrator (Ai) brought to you by CompanyFolders.com. Click over to download the print-ready graphics created specifically for this presentation folder design and let us know what you think. For more freebies, check out our Folder Design Gallery (view), containing hundreds of inspirational folder designs, free mockups, PSD & AI design templates, and tutorials on how to use them.

Dengan menjaga data, profil dapat dimanfaatkan oleh orang-orang yang mempertimbangkan kerja sama bisnis, transaksi bisnis, atau bahkan untuk membeli saham yang dikeluarkan oleh perusahaan.

Percetakan Ayu Karawang menawarkan pembuatan company profile meliputi desain, layout dan printing bagi perusahaan/ bisnis dan instansi anda. Dapatkan desain spesial, kualitas dan harga yang bersahabat di percetakan Ayu Karawang. Hub kami sekarang juga.

Desain map company profile perusahaan corporate di Ayuprint, cetak cepat berkualitas. Contact us: 0813-9881-8119 (Masbadar).

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