Find a Full Service Catalog Printing Company in Karawang

How to find a full service catalog printing company in Karawang?

Does your company live in the area of international industrial cities in Karawang such as KIIC, Suryacipta, and KIM or Indotaisei? And you are currently looking for a printing service to print a catalog of your company’s products and services?

We Ayuprint printing in Karawang will be happy to discuss with you about the design and shape and material of paper which is suitable for the display media of your products and services.

Now we want to share some aspects in determining the right type of printing company for your recommendation to find the appropriate catalog printing partner.

Premium Product Catalog Template


Your catalog can be a wonderful tool in showing your customers what you have to offer and bringing new ones to your business. In order to get the best quality and have everything come out the way that you want it to, you need to find a full service catalog printing company that will get the job done right.

What to Look For

Deciding on a catalog printing company is all about figuring out what your needs are for catalog printing in the first place. Think about your customers and what you want to give them as well as the volume of catalogs you’ll need printed and the frequency at which you’ll be sending them out.
Will you include every piece of merchandise in your catalog or only a few featured items? Knowing this will help you determine how large of a catalog

You’ll need to be printing. Is it only a few pages or is it a large book?

Is this a monthly, quarterly, or yearly catalog? This question refers to the frequency at which you’ll be sending out your catalogs. You’ll need to know this in order to determine what kind of mailing services you’ll need and any database management that may be required of the company that you choose.

Will there be a digital catalog companion? Learn about the online marketing that you want to use for your business and if the company that you choose can support these expansions if and when they happen.

Does the company offer market analysis? In order to decide what will be in your catalog and when to mail it, you should do a little research and if the company that you choose already offers this, it makes things a lot simpler.

Whether you choose to print a simple catalog or you want something intricate with glossy photos that is complete with digital marketing and full mailing services, it’s a good idea to choose a company that offers everything. Even if you’re not using it at the start of your catalog printing, you may want to use it later and that would mean switching companies if the one that you choose doesn’t offer these things. You want room for your business to grow!

Quality is Key

Before you decide on a catalog printing company for sure, ask to see samples of their work and see if there are any reviews from businesses that have used them before. In addition to the services offered by the company that you choose, you should also be looking for competent customer service that will make all of your dealings efficient and pleasant.

Ayuprint Karawang offers several of these services and more and you’ll find that the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to patiently answer all of your questions about catalog printing and the full service that you’ll receive with them!

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