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How to Design a Logo Online?

How to design a logo online? Many people who just started their business do not value the logo. They can hastily come up with a company logo only when they have regular customers. Lack of professionally designed brands can hurt the business. Potential partners may find it unreliable and lack clear direction and development strategies. Buyers are often concerned about the quality of the products of companies that do not have a logo.

What is the logo, and what is its value?

The logo is the only logo belonging to the company and is the company’s business card. It performs several functions:

The primary purpose of the logo is to identify the product . For buyers and business partners, it has a clear connection to the company’s products, quality, and style.

People remember the company because of the logo. When the buyer sees an advertisement for a company product, he or she will pay attention to the logo. He recognizes the signs in retail stores and is likely to buy products.So it is very impotent to have a high quality logo.

The logo reflects the company’s values and encourages customers to buy their products.

Trademarks help increase customer and partner loyalty. If the company manages to establish the right image, then people will have a happy association when they see the logo. They will seek to buy branded products, enter into profitable deals with the company, and recommend them to their friends.

The company strives to create its logo to protect the product from counterfeiting.So it is very impotent if it’s unique.


The word mark contains the descriptive name (complete or abbreviated) of the company name. Other artistic elements may also exist.

A trademark with a company name can help customers remember the brand faster.

A logo symbol is a small picture that depicts a real or abstract object. Trademarks that appear in the form of symbols are easily perceived and remembered.

Combination characters may contain letters, numbers, art elements, and conditional images. Such a beautiful logo will be remembered quickly and easily associated with the brand.

Some companies use complicated artwork – logos. They contain elements that represent the company or its owner.

How to choose a color for the logo

Color evokes different emotions of people, red and orange are exciting. They encourage people to take action; the right incentives are also yellow, which is still calmer than red.

Blue does not cause the potential buyer’s vivid emotions and spontaneous purchasing desires. However, he can retain those customers who have purchased at least one of the company’s products. Green is related to a healthy and active lifestyle. The purple of the nobility inspired the respect of the customers. You can choose 1 or 2 basic shadows.

How to choose a font for the logo

You can use different fonts to make the website’s logo unusual. The fonts are simple, serif, handwritten, decorative, and informal. They may be reminiscent of the product.

The serif letters attracted the logo very well and caught the attention of the people. Non-standard appearance fonts with different letter sizes indicate the originality of the product. Decorative fonts and handwritten fonts look beautiful, but the reading is weak. Therefore, many companies are trying to come up with a logo with a simple font.

Logo design principles

To make the logo easy to remember, it must be simple. Simple logos can be easily identified from a great distance. You can see it by a quick passing. To make a simple trademark for your company, you need to use the minimum number of icons.

The logo should look unique. The outline of the symbol must not be similar to other logos. Otherwise, the buyer will not remember it. To create the logo correctly, you need to look through the logos of other companies, especially competitors.And make sure you didn’t have made  a similar logo with them.

For the logo to be used after decades, it should not contain elements that reflect a specific period. For example, a clothing part of a car model. The logo cannot be changed, trying to make it more modern. The durability of the logo is a sign of the company’s stability and success.

It is necessary to create a logo that looks harmonious on documents, stationery, clothes, and badges. It should look good in both reduced and enlarged form as well as black and white.

People with certain qualities will think of different roles. With their help, you can communicate your goals to potential buyers. The horizontal lines in the logo will symbolize peace and tranquility, and the vertical lines will symbolize strength and endurance. Squares are related to strength and constancy, triangles are related to knowledge, and curves are related to fitness. The round logo symbolizes mutual understanding and unity, the power and determination of the ring.

How to make a logo online?

With the development of the internet, we can easily make a logo online now. Use this online logo maker DesignEvo( makes everyone easy to design their unique logo for a very short time.

design a logo online

DesignEvo is the Web-based logo design platform, and everyone can quickly build logos without new professional knowledge; it’s quite a useful tool for the start up, small business, and personal users. Besides, everyone can use DesignEvo for free, but if you need high-resolution logo export, do not worried about it, cheap fees you can afford. DesignEvo offers you tons of template; users can produce a logo offers you numbers of icons and fonts; every logo can custom by users‘ selves.

You can create a logo quickly in just minutes, and no special skills are needed to make it so that it can be used even for beginners. It also has this Cloud-Based Saving, which Saves logos into your account and makes unlimited edits anytime you want.

By all these logos make principles, I think everyone can make their logo now, so try out this logo maker and create a unique logo for your business.

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