Label Printing Tips From Amateur to Professional Expert

Label Printing Tips From Amateur to Professional Expert

Hi guys, how are you, we hope that all of you stay healthy during this Covid-19 Pandemic. We’ll share tips with you all about: Label Printing Tips From Amateur to Professional Expert.

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No More Amateur Images For Your Labels

If you are just getting to know the process of label printing and design, I would bet that you sometimes have trouble with your images. While the whole process of inserting color images in labels may sound simple, sometimes there are little complications in the settings and editing that make the image less than ideal for printed labels.

Do not worry though. We won’t let that happen to your own custom labels. Below is a list of tips that should help you manage your images so that they do not look bad, improper or amateurish . Just try to follow them and you’ll see results.

For logos try to develop vectors

When you are using logos on your labels, it is good to try to develop vector based logo designs. Vector graphics are basically better suited for the different configurations and shapes of color labels because of they are easily scalable to any size that you need. It is very easy to develop vector logos using software like Adobe Illustrator. Just choose the best software application that you can use and then apply your vector logo into your label layout. Trust me, if you have many different color labels that need on particular common logo, vector logos will come in handy all the time.

For images use high-res

If you are using real images for your color labels, you should always try to use only the ones that are in high resolution formats. A high resolution image will look better and cleaner in label printing if you compare it to the same kind of printing with internet based images. The fact is, high resolution images of course have more detail than those low resolution ones. So it is best to use only the higher resolution ones to make sure your color labels look sharp and clear.

Always correct colors and vibrancy

Another good tip for your images in label printing is to always correct the colors of the raw image and adjust its vibrancy. Most raw images will still need some enhancing one way or another to make them really pop out from the color labels. So it is good to use some auto-color-correct features and adjust the vibrancy of your images so that they will really look impressive when printed into those labels.

Crop closely and accurately

Also keep in mind that you should always crop your images closely and accurately for your labels. You won’t want a stray element or pixel to ruin the whole design of the custom labels of course. So make sure that you go beyond the rectangular cropping that some software use. Try to do your cropping line by line and pixel by pixel so that you only lift the main image that you need for your labels and nothing more.

Blend the images well

Finally, never forget to try to blend your images well into your label. This can be in the form of a border, a shadow effect, fade effects or maybe simple textures that you can apply to both images and the general background of the label. The more integrated your images are, the more coherent looking those color labels should be.

Great! With all these preparations going on, I am sure that you will get the correct labels that you want with professional image quality. Just take note of these and remember.

Professional Label Printing 7 Tips From The Experts

Label printing comes in different shapes and sizes. There are big labels, small labels, shaped labels and colourful labels. While they are very different in many ways, the basics of a professional design and printing still applies on each different kind of color label. Let me give you a few tips on how to follow such label printing and design concepts with a few tips coming right from the experts. Follow these tips in your label printing and you should see the great and powerful difference small expert practices can contribute to your labels.

1. Choose quality printing materials

Labels are very dependent on the quality of the materials. Not only does the material define the look of the color label, but it also determines its lifespan. Thicker and more resistant paper materials and inks will make for a better looking and longer lasting custom label. Though expensive, the quality and long life should be well worth the price, especially if those labels are very important for your business objectives. So always choose the best quality materials for your custom labels.

2. Full colors are not necessarily required

For labels, you don’t really need to go for full color printing if need be. If your color labels just requires one or two colors, (black and red for example), you can just opt for spot ink printing rather than full color label printing. Your text can be printed with only black and red ink, and you save a lot more money in the process of label printing. Just specify this to your label printer. Of course, if you need to print photographs or other kinds of images in your label, you might want to opt for the full color of course.

3. Use clear easy to read fonts

Labels require the use of easy to read and clear looking fonts. This is only logical since readers must be able to easily read the label so that they can understand the label as quick as possible. So never go for intricate fonts for your color labels. Always go for those simple font styles.

4. Use universally accepted symbols

When you are using symbols for label printing, Make sure that you use symbols that everybody can understand. Many amateurs fail with their labels because the symbols they use were only applicable to certain areas. True color labels must always use universally accepted symbols so that there will be no miscommunication about the message of the label, whoever the reader is.

5. Use variable sizes

If you are printing labels for mass distribution, remember that it is best to have different label sizes for deployment. The fact is, not all locations for your labels totally fit for the size of the custom label. It is best to cover some of the harder to post areas by printing smaller labels or labels in a different layout. By having variable sizes and dimensions, you should be able to easily adapt those labels for any kind of situation.

6. Use templates when possible

Templates are the great helpers in label printing. They provide you with quick easy to use layout and size suggestions. This not only makes things simpler to do, but it also makes you produce designs faster in amore standard way. So make sure that you try to use label templates to help you with your label printing process.

7. Print only with firms you trust

Finally, you should always print labels at the firm you can trust. Lots of other label printing forms don’t show you the hidden charges that basically bloat up your label printing cost. That is why you should only hire the ones with a straightforward reputation. It is best to look for an online printing company since it is far easier to see and judge printers online.

Great! Use these tips well to help you out with your label printing and design. You should now be able to create the best color labels that you want.

Once again, don’t forget, whenever you need a discussion of the needs for label printing and various industrial production forms in your factory, we will always be ready to answer you. Whenever. Contact us Ayuprint printing services in Karawang Cikarang.

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