Creating logos is not just a game and a fairy tale, it often has to meet sophisticated company expectations, and it can take months to design (especially when combined with a complete change of image). But it’s not always that terribly complicated. For example, if you want to design your own SME logo or the logo of a new product, it may not be a disadvantage if you are not at home with Photoshop or Illustrator. There is a solution that can be used to design your logo for free and easily. And, where appropriate, you can get the end result for free or at a bargain price, almost immediately.

Logo Design For Free And Easy On All Platforms


We already had DesignEvo’s online logo design program, but now the new version has been released, so we thought we were running another round so that whoever missed the previous one could now get to know the new one. In fact, if we do, we’ll include apps running on macOS and iOS. But let’s not run that far. Let’s look at the online version first.

One thing we can say for sure: the new version has never been more complicated. The developers have slightly polished the surface, so now the categories are represented by small colored icons, which further simplifies the use and also provides guidance for those who may not be at home in English.

We can still work without registering, but if you want to save your products for later editing, you should do a free registration. In exchange, we can save the started projects to the server and modify them at any time.

Designing a logo with DesignEvo is almost a breeze. There are two approaches:

  • We select from the templates (Logo templates), which, as already mentioned, are divided into categories. We talk about hundreds of logo designs in a variety of topics (eating, animals, cars, lifestyle, sports, etc.). There is a large number of variations within the categories, so it is almost impossible not to find a suitable basis for our future logo. When choosing, it is worth remembering that you can change all the attributes of the template later, that is, if the color is not winning, you can change it later, and you can change the icon, font, and so on. too.
  • We start from scratch by clicking the Start From Scratch button. In this case, you are taken to the editing interface as if you had selected a template. Only here will the work surface be empty instead of the pre-obtained pattern.

Whichever way we go, in both cases we end up in the editor, where there are tons of icons, fonts and graphics waiting to be used. They are also categorized in their place, and there are really many ruthless ones. So, if the base font used in our template is not sympathetic (or not compatible with long Hungarian accents), you can replace it with another font. In the same way, you can drop additional icons on the page, or a graphic frame surrounding the logo, a graphic element (ribbons, lines, ornaments, shapes, etc.) that gives it shape.

When everything is there, you can save your project to the server ( Save ), so you can work on it later. You can see how the designed logo will look in different applications with the Preview button. In the new version, you can admire our logo on a pop-up panel on various mockups: contacts, letterhead, ribbon, website, t-shirt, wall.

When we are satisfied with everything, all we have to do is download the completed logo. This is done by the Download button. Here are more options:

  • Free Package: You can download the logo completely free in JPG and PNG format, but only up to 500px size with no transparent background.
  • Basic Package: Here’s 5000px maximum size (which is plenty of typographic quality for a logo, smooth for most areas) and comes with a PNG image with a transparent background.
  • Plus Package: It knows the same thing as Basic, but here we get the logo (PDF, SVG) in vector format, which allows you to go to a giant poster, as the vector image can be scaled anyway, and it can be re-edited in vector graphics software. To do this, we also receive the font used in the package. By the way, we may already own the copyright in this version.

Logo Design For Free And Easy On All Platforms

So if we get a small logo on our blog or website, we can get away with it for free. However, if you want to use that logo in print materials and various products, you may want to invest in one of the Basic or Plus packages when downloading.

All in all, the DesignEvo online version is very easy to use, and thanks to its large selection, it can be a good base for designing a logo quickly and cheaply. Being an online application, you can use it on virtually any system in our favorite modern browser.