Top 10 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

Top 10 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

Top 10 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business. The invoice is a document that provides details about a sale or product. An invoice is a way to collect the payment. It enables companies to get their amount of payment for their service. Invoicing can be used to track sales, track inventory, and record business revenue for tax fillings, and forecast future sales using historical data. 

Invoices are helpful and very useful because they request timely payment from the client and record all the sales transactions a business makes with their clients. There is also a way to give notification of the payment that’s due. Both the client receiving it and the business needs to send the invoice. 

Invoicing software is an online tool that helps a business generate bills and manages invoice documents from suppliers and vendors. With online invoicing software, a business helps track cash inflow effectively and efficiently, providing different payment gateway options to clients. ​It helps to make the payment process faster, and it helps to minimize late payments.  

List of Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses 

1. OutInvoice

OutInvoice is one of the best invoicing software that creates multiple members and lets them manage all invoicing functions. OutInvoice is not limited to a single user profile. OutInvoice helps you handle multiple businesses by creating a separate invoice account for each of them. 

OutInvoice is the ideal solution for small business owners and freelancers. It is straightforward to use and saves a lot of time and effort. It helps to manage the time that the user spends while sending invoices.  It helps to manage multiple businesses and send the invoice faster as well. 

From credit card payments to checkout via Paypal, you will get paid using various payment methods. It helps to connect your clients with their preferred form of online payment.  It lets your client pay the due amount paid directly from the invoice in one click. Once you make the payment with the preferred payment, it will save all your credit card details. 

OutInvoice helps to keep invoice status and finance in check. Recording all the tracks of invoices helps to have an insight into the cash flow of the company. Paid and overdue invoices will all be recorded through the click of a button.

You can access your OutInvoice account from anywhere and anytime. You can also use it from the hill station, and you don’t have to stay hours in the office writing the invoices. You can create and send invoices within a minute. As long as you have a data connection or Wi-Fi, you can access it anywhere and anytime. ​

OutInvoice is offering 30 days free trial to their loyal customer. Sign up now!

2. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an invoicing software that is integrated with various terms. Zoho invoice is included with Paypal, Checkout, Dropbox, Zoho Sign, Google Apps, One drive, Zoho projects, Stripe, and Zoho CRM. It uses a digital signature to prevent invoice forgery. Zoho Sign integration helps to ensure the highest level of security. We are compliant with ESIGN and EIDAS e-signature laws. 

With the Zoho invoice, you can fully customize the templates. You can create your brand according to your desire. Zoho invoice allows users to enjoy all the features of freedom over the look. As this invoice has a fully customizable template, you can extend your brand from your website to your invoice for professional images and consistency.

Zoho is an effortless online invoicing software that automates invoicing workflows and payment reminders to the client. Zoho records all the sales orders, estimation of the overall business, and invoices. This feature will help to reduce workload as well. 

Zoho invoice helps to not waste time with lengthy emails. It has a client portal section in which the user will be able to make deals, discuss prices, and negotiate terms and conditions all in one place. It also customizes the invoice field. Zoho has 30+ customizable fields. 

Zoho will help to schedule invoices according to the required time. It lets you schedule your invoice to be automatically sent to your customer on the set date. You can also run and schedule reports to see how your business is performing in the past few days. 

3. Wave

A wave is an invoicing software that helps to include the ability to manage receipts, accounting, and invoicing. It provides an entire dashboard that helps you manage all invoices, customer information, and payments. They cover everything from accounting to payroll.  

You can create professional invoices for free. It perfectly understands and manages all your income and expenses. Everything is automated and is provided in one package. It makes your small business look professional. It is effortless to use and can be customized according to needs. 

Wave has customizable invoice software that helps you save time and helps to get you paid on time. It is quick, easy, unlimited, and customizable invoicing software.

Wave gives access to all customer information in one place. It helps us track payment and communication. It is very safe. As for the payment, it accepts payment online. Customers can click a “Pay now” button that helps them to pay instantly with a credit card and bank payments. 

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is one of the very known invoicing software solutions that are very useful for small businesses. It helps freelancers who want to give a professional look to their business’s invoice. It has around 5 million businesses maximizing their capabilities. It is developed to help you do invoice things faster. Additionally, it records payment and tracking your time spent on a project. Fresjbook offers standard invoicing and expense tracking. 

Freshbooks helps invoices look professional and only take a second to create. It offers extra features like payment reports, projects, expenses and automates specific tasks like payment reminders. It helps to avoid errors which help to reduce human resources in the business. 

We have personalized and automated the invoice system to help you collect invoices on time. Freshbooks are also available on mobile, which helps the user to pay the invoice anywhere and anytime. It is a straightforward, powerful, and easy-to-use solution. 

Customizable invoice features help you pick your template, adjust color and font as you like, and help you add your logo.

Sending reminders to clients helps to collect payments on time. Following up with the client helps to focus your time on what matters the most. Freshbook accepts credit cards and ACH (electronic bank to bank payment in the U.S.).

Freshbook is a free application for both iOS and Android which User can use anytime and anywhere. 

5. Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks Online is invoicing web-based software. It has an all-in-one performance that helps small businesses to operate appropriately in a team of accounts. Freelancers, small businesses, and independent firms can use them to simplify their finance and accounting management systems. 

QuickBooks Online has advanced features like billing, invoice management, and banking data synchronization, tax calculation, sales monitoring, generating data collection, and many more. QuickBooks can access it on multiple devices. There is an auto-syncing option that will help you to update what all the devices are doing. 

Since the account is connected to the cloud, accountants or other employees can access all the features. They can use their desktop and login to access reports like balance sheets, cash flow statements, and general ledger. 

Regarding the pricing, this is not free invoice software, and it has 30 days free trial. Its subscription plan starts at $10.00 per month.

6. Xero

Xero is an all-in-one accounting software that is very capable of small or growing companies. Xero has different features that help the application to be user-friendly. Xero lets you manage and control all the business expenses, creates and sends invoices. It helps employees pay on time and in compliance with the latest tax laws.

Tax management, expense tracking, financial reporting, payrolls, invoicing are available on this platform. Xero allows you to create numbers to report based on financial data. You can create liability reports, year to date (YTD), create payment summaries, deductions, and many more. 

A helpful feature that Xero invoicing software has is bank reconciliation. First, you need to set up a bank feed that will help see the transactions flow in Xero daily. It will automatically keep all. 

7. is an invoice software that is built to integrate and share financial data with your accounting system. 

It has new payment capabilities and also brings smart A.P. and A.P. to your business. helps to save time and increase efficiency. It simplifies international payments and keeps everything in sync. 

Over 80% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms use, and there are many partners to leading U.S. financial institutions. helps to increase efficiency and saves time by creating invoices faster. is very secure and can be trusted with a secure solution. It gives all the controls to the user, which means all the team can use them simultaneously. 

8. Zervant

Zervant is a UK-based invoice software that small business owners and freelancers use. With the help of Zervant, we can easily send invoices. It is very user-friendly invoice software for entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

Clients can pay through an online debit card or credit card. It automatically sends reminders to the client regarding unpaid invoices. It helps to track all the invoice’s payment status. It is straightforward, fast, and secure, which looks very professional. 

There is Zervant free and Zervent premium packages. The free one takes an email address to sign up to Zervant. The premium one has more features than free. Zervant premium has invoice more customers, accessed invoicing by post, automated payment reminder email, and E-invoicing.

Users can send several invoices to the client at the same time. It is a very secure and professional invoice that helps to set payment terms and leave personal notes for five customers for free. 

9. Honeybook

HoneyBook is an invoicing business that has an all-in-one business management solution. It helps freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to manage and organize their work activities, get paid on time, and connect with their clients. 

HoneyBook has important known features like organized calendars, branded templates, electronic signature, expense tracker, and many more that help record everything. HoneyBook accepts payments with the help of online gateways. Clients can pay through their bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. 

It is also integrated with third-party applications like Gmail, Zapier, and Google Calendar. HoneyBook users can also install it in mobile applications like Android and iOS. 

For now, HoneyBooks can be functional in the U.S. and Canada. Users can pay subscriptions to HoneyBooks either monthly or annually.  HoneyBooks has seven day free trial for those who don’t have a membership.

10. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an online business application that is used to designed to be fully customizable. It is a free plan which has a basic feature payment, quotes, and integration. It is designed to be fully customizable to easily add their branding and choose their 40 payment gateway integration. You can also set up automatic credit card gateways. It automatically adds a percentage of the fee to select a predetermined range of price. 

Invoice Ninja helps with custom branded invoice design and late payment auto-reminder emails. It helps to attach invoice PDFs to client emails and also a vast variety of customization options. It also has auto-bill clients and enables e-signature and ‘approve terms’ checkbox.

Invoice Ninja is free, and we can also set up an automatic late payment reminder for unpaid invoices. It helps all the settings regarding tax. Taxes will be calculated per line item or a total of the invoice. It also supports multiple currencies and languages. You can get the amount according to our location and preferred currencies. 

Wrapping Out

There is much invoicing software presented in the market. Every invoicing software has its importance and uniqueness. These are the top 10 invoicing software that has been reviewed and liked by freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. In the above points, all the features of their specific features is mentioned. Hope this will help you to help with sustainable and good invoicing software. 


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