Create Fantastic Infographics

Create Fantastic Infographics with Numerous Templates in DesignCap

Making an infographic is an excellent way of making data understandable, but it takes a long time to create. DesignCap is an intuitive online infographic maker that can help anyone to make an infographic easily and quickly.

Infographics are becoming popular, no matter if you like photo graphics or not. For educational materials, website contents, social media images, and other graphics, it’s quite entertaining to create them. And they show interesting data visually.

If you are worrying about the difficulty of making an infographic, then try DesignCap. This can be used by designers as well as non-designers. With this fantastic and intuitive online tool, you can complete the most beautiful infographic in the blink of an eye.

Sign up for free

You can register an account under DesignCap using your email address. Alternatively, login directly with Facebook or Google account. Then choose a template from a large number of pre-made infographic templates to get started.

You can also go to its template page to view and search a professionally made template here: If you decide to upgrade, hit the Upgrade button to see the price packages and choose the one you want to access more features and art resources.

Options under account

Create Fantastic InfographycsUnder DesignCap’s users account, it’s very neat with the options for creating Infographics, reports, presentations, posters, or other photo graphics. You can also click the My Design button on the left to view all the creations you’ve saved.

In the dashboard, you have the option to create a new design from a template or blank template using the option of “Custom Size,” and access your profile, as well as get help, change its language, send feedback or sign out.

Choose a template

Here we’re going to focus on an infographic, so click on the Infographic option. Then check the infographics template list and choose the one you like. There are many categories included, such as education, business, fashion, festivals, technology, nature, real estate, etc. Once you pick a template, you will be directed to the editing mode to start enjoying the fun of design.

Take a look at the tools

Create Fantastic Infographyc

With all the tools needed in DesignCap, anyone can create a fantastic infographic without design skills. Let’s have an overview of these handy tools.

  • TEMPLATES: Browse templates to be inspired or choose one to get a quick start.
  • ELEMENTS: Choose from dots, lines, other shapes, and millions of online icons.
  • PHOTOS: There are more than a million of stock photos in DesignCap.
  • CHART: Use a chart to show data clearly.
  • UPLOADS: Upload images from your local computer and use them in design.
  • TEXT: It offers many beautiful text styles.
  • MODULES: Get a quick combination of images and text.
  • BACKGROUND: Use color or background patterns.

Using these tools, you can add, duplicate, move, resize or group/ungroup objects to your liking. If you select a different element, it will show you different editing tools correspondingly.

Start your design

After picking a template and knowing the editing tools, it’s time to boost your creativity.

1. Customize image and text

DesignCap allows you to change all elements in the design fully from pictures to text fonts, colors, etc. To personalize an image, select it, and the editing tools will appear. The same is true for text.

Create Fantastic Infographycs

DesignCap gives you the option to flip an image from left to right or top to bottom. Besides, you can rotate, resize, add effects, or adjust the saturation,brightness, etc. to the image. Text options are extended with many preset font styles, color, size, alignment, and other settings. It offers definitely all the necessary tools for customize text and image.

Click the Undo button at the top to retro back to the last step when you do something unexpected. One of the most useful features I like is the Group button. It is quite useful for grouping items to make sure there is no unexpected changes are done by mistake. Just select the items to group them.

2. Get an element

DesignCap offers a vast built-in shapes and online icon resources. Like the stock photos, DesignCap allows you to search an icon by typing a particular keyword into the search box. From animals to fashion, gaming to education, and many more, you’ll finally find one that meet your needs.

Create Fantastic InfographicsClick on an icon to insert it into the design and then adjust it manually. While resizing an icon, drag the white holders to change its size. It’s optional to enable the alignment of any selected object.

3. Insert a chart

One of the most interesting parts and useful features I think in DesignCap is its chart section. Click this selection and then view the different chart styles. You can choose from these styles to display data in a way that is most suitable for your needs.

DesignCap provides you two ways to display your data in a chart quickly. You can import data from an XLS, CSV or XLSX file or enter the data manually. Data you set will adapt to the chart appropriately.

Create Fantastic InfographicsAfter inputting the data, it’s free to change some settings to make it to a great look. Click the Setting icon to open the options, then fell free to adjust the title, color, font, and other values by a few mouse clicks. It’s available to disable or enable the axisX, axisy, grid, and the legend.

With the powerful features of the charts, you can make an magnificent infographic. Chart info can be re-edited even if it has been inserted in the canvas. Just click on the Edit option after selecting a chart.

Save or share your infographic

Thinking the design looks perfect? It’s time to save and share. You can click the Download button at the top and choose the file size, format (PNG or JPG or PDF) to save it as an image, .

Otherwise, click the Share button to share it anywhere you want. DesignCap allows you to share your infographic on social media via email and website online with a produced URL. It’s very convenient.

Final thought

Have you already tried DesignCap? DesignCap is an online Infographic tool that helps you produce high-quality graphics, requiring little effort and saving much money. With the thousands of templates and handy editors, it will make infographic creating a breeze.

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