Get to Know DesignCap to Make Well-organized Infographic

An infographic is a visual content that graphically represents complex information in a much simpler way so that everyone can quickly understand it. It is, without a doubt, one of the best communication tools for its better to communicate the messages.

Today, we suffer from excessive information and continuously receive new data and news; it is essential to keep in mind a resource such as infographics to favor content retention. Therefore, do you want to get your content to be infographics to get more exposure? And this post, DesignCap infographic maker for you.

DesignCapWhat is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a one-stop graphic resolution tool that makes you create the most visual content from the logo to social media images.

If you don’t want to make a gutsy design like photoshop or illustrator, so it might be perfect for you who want to make appealing images quickly and effortlessly.


Some of its good points

  • Can be used for free
  • All materials prepared by DesignCap are available for commercial use
  • No need to install or download because it is an online tool
  • Can be shared with your friends
  • A variety of standard dimensions (custom sizes are also available)
  • Abundant free materials
  • You can download the created image for free
  • You can upload your images from your computer
  • A template gallery to use

Something need to improved

  1. It would be nice to have a mobile version
  2. Not suitable for complicated designs, but it is convenient.
  3. You will surprise when you find this website could help you do so many graphics design.
  4. Well, let check out how to make infographics with this tool.

How Does DesignCap work for you?

First, register your DesignCap account.

Just create an account on its homepage where it says “Sign Up- Free”. You can sign your account connected with Facebook or Google. Also, you can register with your Email ID.

Templates for Social media image

Let’s make an image immediately. This time, let’s create a Twitter header. Give a button of Get Started Now and then choose the Twitter Header template.

The Twitter header size is premade already. When you create it as you like, you could undo or redo the operation.

You can change the color and size of the item. Text can be entered, and it can be centered spacing. Images can also be uploaded so that you can place your favorite images.

You can also share the created image to your social media channel as it is, so if you want to make it public also, if you set it Public and edit.

DesignCapTemplates for Marketing and Events

The next is for making promotion material, DesignCap is enough for doing this job. And this part, the infographic making, is going to discuss.

DesignCapThis time is a new way to create the infographic. You can click the template and then input the keywords to select the match templates and then to preview and customize. OK, we just choose one to design. Here we are in the editing window. This template is for tips listing, so if you need to make infographics like this, you can directly enter your text. These infographic templates are quite concise, so your readers could focus of your points.

Two good features would helpful for you to organize your contents and data, namely Chart and Modules. The Chart is changed in real-time as you input different data.

Final thought

That’s it, but how was it? A set of templates and design resources is provided so that it can be used for quick design — quick works for saving more time.

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